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    Domestic Violence Isn’t Just Black Eyes And Broken Glass

    Domestic violence… Let me just say this from the jump. NOBODY DESERVES TO BE ABUSED. The abuse can come in different forms; including: controlling behavior, gas lighting, narcissistic actions, verbal abuse, mental and psychological abuse, emotional abuse, and of course, physical abuse. Fists and objects probably come to most people’s minds when they hear domestic […] More

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    Best Ways A Virtual Bookkeeper Can Help Your Business

    Small business owners have a tendency to micromanage. And a reluctance to delegate tasks to others. After all, the business is their child. They envisioned it, they stood it on its feet, and they are responsible for its growth and proper functioning. This is the right mindset – if you plan to burn out. A […] More

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    Teach Your Kids Fun Ways to Be Energy Efficient

    Teaching your kids to be more energy efficient is important because it helps them develop beneficial habits early on. Once adopted, they will abide by these rules without thinking, which means that they won’t have to feel the pressure of having to readjust to a new way of things, like some of us have. Then, there’s the […] More

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    Inside the Mind of a Girl Who’s Terrified of Commitment

    She always feels inadequate. Whenever she sees her loved ones entering into these relationships, she feels a lot of things because she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to let herself enter a relationship when she is so terrified of them. She wants to be in a relationship, she just doesn’t know how. She wants […] More

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    50 Winter Date Ideas Even Your Boyfriend Will Love

    There’s honestly nothing more romantic than being in love in the winter, with the snow falling outside, your hand kept warm in his. But your boyfriend might not be as mushy as you are when it comes to the holidays, so dragging him to the events that put you in the spirit might be a […] More

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    6 Ways to Celebrate at the End of the Week

    Friday has arrived, which means it’s time to grab a bottle of champagne and pop it open! But if you’re not a fan of champagne or want some much more cost-effective options, don’t worry, as there are lots of other fun and memorable ways you can celebrate the end of the week. Just for you, here […] More

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    How To Create Luxury Hotel Experiences At Home

    Feeling stuck at home and craving a luxurious escape from the mundane? No need to book an upscale hotel or fly to a far-flung corner of the world to experience the joy of a relaxing retreat! In fact, with a couple of tricks up your sleeve and a couple of five-star add-ons, you can easily recreate that […] More

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    9 Things Single People Hate About the Holidays

    The holidays were practically designed to cater to all of the lovey-dovey couples of the world. Where’s the love for us singles? 1. When you’re single, family is the pretty much the only option. We’re talking every holiday dinner including New Year’s… that is four or more occasions in which you will be asked several times […] More

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    17 Things People Obsessed with the Holidays Understand

    Sure, a lot of people say they love the holidays, but to you “love” is an understatement. 1. You mark every holiday, including unofficial national days, on the calendar. There is always a reason to celebrate – literally, every single day can be a holiday if you want it enough. Especially when more than one […] More

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    Giving Tuesday Why It Matters This Year More Than Ever

    What is Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday is a generosity movement on a global scale. This movement was designed to encourage others to give generously and offer random acts of kindness on a specific day, This Tuesday, November 30th, is Giving Tuesday. Here are ways that you can support the movement. Make a Donation on Giving […] More

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