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    Stop Words That Have a High Spam Score

    It is important for mail services that their users do not receive spam. To make it real, they have created spam filters – special algorithms that analyze emails and decide whether it is spam or not. Such filters check millions of emails every day and are well aware of words and phrases spammers use the […] More

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    Join the PuckerMob Community! It’s FREE! We went round and round trying to decide if a “newsletter” was the way to go. We knew we wanted a way to connect with our readers and deliver the juicy goodness they expect from us. We also know that our readers are busy so we wanted a way […] More

  • Write for Us

    MOB WRITERS WANTED! Are you a writer? Or do you want to become one? Or do you just have something to say? We want to hear from you! PuckerMob creates authentic articles from our readers as well as professional writers that understand our audience. We are a blog that is female-focused on what women care […] More

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    PuckerMob Privacy Policy Welcome to PuckerMob, the website and mobile service of AnswerMedia, LLC. (“PuckerMob,” “we,” or “us”). Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, disclose, and protect information that applies to our Service, and your choices about the collection and use of your information. 1. How we collect and use information We collect […] More

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    Cheap Fitness for your Skinny Wallet

    Being healthy can get expensive fast.  Specialty studio classes.  Juice cleanses.  Personal Trainers.  Race entry fees.  Mandated grippy socks.  Organic food.  Supplements.  Fashionable mesh leggings.  It all adds up, and before you know it, you’ve spent hundreds to thousands of dollars trying to get in better shape.  While some things in health and fitness will […] More

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    9 Realities of the Shopaholic Who Can't Stop Won't Stop

    It’s time to reconsider your shopping habits because your credit card is not your best friend. Let’s face it, you’re too broke to function thanks to your shopping problem. You will even work Monday through Friday if that means you can shop on the weekends. Girl, have some strength. Your bank account is begging you. […] More

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    Uninformed: Why You Really Need To Stop Avoiding The News

    Thanks to technology, we live in a world that’s rapidly changing. Every day, the news of some tragedy or rare and unexpected phenomenon breaks, and every news medium from Twitter, to local newsletters, and televised broadcasts compete to provide the very latest information. Everyone you meet over the next few weeks will be discussing said […] More

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    18 Affordable Clothing Stores, Coupons & Deals

    Shopping can be an expensive endeavor if your not careful. Every little thing adds up, so it’s important to know where to shop. If you want to look high-end without spending mucho dinero, go with these stores. We’ve also included some exclusive coupon codes for extra savings! Make sure you sign up as a free member for these […] More