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    Best Weighted Blankets for Anxiety

    Best Weighted Blankets (a.k.a Gravity Blankets) Summary You know the warm and fuzzy feeling you get during the embrace of a really good hug, or have you ever seen a baby instantly calm down and fall asleep after being swaddled like a tiny taco? It’s a real thing. Pressure on the body actually increases the release of […] More

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    12 Great Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend Who Suffers From Anxiety

    Anxiety is something that everyone deals with their own way. Some people don’t realize how crippling suffering from severe anxiety can be. It makes getting through an everyday routine almost impossible. Days are filled with fabricating the worst case scenario in all situations, no matter how farfetched it may seem. It may sound silly to some, […] More

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    MOB WRITERS WANTED! Are you a writer? Or do you want to become one? Or do you just have something to say? We want to hear from you! PuckerMob creates authentic articles from our readers as well as professional writers that understand our audience. We are a blog that is female-focused on what women care […] More