20 ‘Rude’ Things People Do That Are Actually Caused By Anxiety

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When meeting people, we’re very quick to judge them based off of the first impression. Often, if we find that a person is rude or impolite, we write them off completely—thinking they’re just not a good person. In reality, many people who suffer from anxiety have coping mechanisms and side effects that may come off as rude, but in reality, are caused by their anxiety disorders. Recently, Facebook users began sharing the ‘rude’ and ‘impolite’ gestures that they often do but are misinterpreted completely due to their anxiety.


Interrupting people during conversations. Sometimes it’s simply because I know I won’t remember what I wanted to say 2 seconds later. I see how much it irritates other people but I can’t help it.

Brittany Nicole Locklear


I happily agree to meet,go out,make plans and then at the very last minute I find some lame excuse to not go. At the same time I feel relieved and terrible for that…

Silvia Zambon


Sometimes, I get snappy with people, have an abrupt or harsh tone, or blow up over something that seems small. I know it makes me seem rude, but I really don’t mean to do it. My anxiety just makes me be so on edge that, sometimes, the slightest thing can push me over.

Ember Blizzard


I sometimes don’t make eye contact with people when they talk to me, or look down at my nails, phone, or anything other than the person
It’s not that I’m rude, it’s that I can’t always handle looking someone in the eye when I’m anxious.

Abby Arianwen


I can never answer phone calls, I can’t text people back most of the time, I lie and say that I’m sick when my friends make plans, I avoid people in real life (I crossed the street today so I won’t have to say hi to a friend)…

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If you’re talking to me and I’m stressed out or having an attack, I’ll begin to “zone out” I’ll usually just end up staring at you with a blank gaze and it won’t seem like I’m listening, although I am trying so hard to listen.

Mikelle Mefford


 Flipping out at people I love because I am so overwhelmed and honestly do not know how to handle what I’m going through and project on them that they are judging me. I can be selfish in an attempt to do things I feel will help my anxiety without thinking about how said things affect other people. I can be demanding and bossy. Or I can shut down completely and come across as cold.

Mykee A. Morettini


I ignore text messages and calls very frequently. I lie my way out of lots of social situations. I never mean these things in a rude way, I just feel like telling people I’m having a hard time is less understandable than me being sick or busy. I also frequently pluck at my eyebrows in public when I get anxious, same with picking at my nails or dead skin.

Kasey Berger


I am on my phone a /lot/ in group settings. I know it’s not polite. I dislike when other people do this. But if I’m having a bad anxiety day, it’s an easy way to keep my mind busy and keep it from escalating into an attack.

Sharon Ellis


I  have an uncontrollable small laugh when in serious uncomfortable situations and conversations. Being told you don’t really understand the scope of a situation because you’ve let out a laugh is devastating. And people don’t tend to believe that its not voluntary.

Angela Lingelbach

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