5 Dazzling Style Trends To Try This Party Season

Let’s Play Dress Up!

In the months to come, we will hopefully wrap up all the pandemic-related issues to greet yet another bunch of holidays and wonderful events. Until then, we have the Fourth of July to look forward to, and a slew of birthday parties and glamorous weddings that will hopefully unravel unhindered, and preferably our only worries will be fashion-related. If you follow the suggestions in this article, though, you can scratch even those worries off your list!


Still don’t know how to dress up for the wildest, most extravagant parties of the year? Search no more. Here, you will get all the tips and ideas you need in order to greet every party and every holiday at your best and trendiest.


Amp up your wardrobe with a velvet dress

It reappeared in 2016 as a bewilderingly sensual trend, and continued to rock all the way to 2020, as well. As seen on many superstars and supermodels, a velvet dress is a great solution for countless occasions, and depending on the cut and sleeve-length, you can find a model that will suit every season.

And while velvet is a synonym for elegance, it can actually enhance your sex appeal and emphasize your curves. All I’m saying is: low neckline, short length or bare back. When it comes to color, this year is all about cool pastels such as mint, or vibrant and powerful such as scarlet red, however there is also faded blue, sunset orange, and the unmistakable – black. And since velvet is already an attention-grabber itself, opt for simple heels and simple to no accessories.


Sequins and shine for a true diva

Oh, come on, who could let them go? Is there a girl who doesn’t like to shine every now and then, especially when even the world’s most renowned designers invite you to do so? You can wear that shimmer in so many ways: you can add them as a festive pop to your colorful outfit, you can go over the top and opt for a holiday-perfect embellished sweater, or even sparkle up your look with a few glossy accessories and makeup. Sometimes, all you need is a touch of sparkly lip gloss and your basic black dress will pop to life!


Get creative with your hairstyle

No look is complete without tending to your beautiful locks. Since not every diva is blessed with a Brigitte Bardot-level mane, you can get creative with the help of accessories to bring out the best your hair has to give – and then some! Whether you want an elegant updo such as a ponytail, or you’d prefer flowy waves, adding seamless clip in hair extensions to your locks can help you achieve the look you want in a matter of mere moments.


Look for extensions made of real human hair for that natural look and feel, and you can even play with different hues to match your own hair color and experiment with layering.

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Mixing and matching accessories – level 10 000

During the last few years, we have literally seen it all. Mixing and matching (especially mixing the un-mixable) are highly appreciated in the world of fashion, and you can start with trying out various luxe accessory combos to see how they complement your party outfits. When you opt for minimalist clothing, you can go over the top with your add-ons, such as, for instance, layering your necklaces or throwing in a colorful scarf or a jacket. Get playful to discover your own inner fashionista through accessorizing.


Power suits for every occasion

Suits have become the personification of women empowerment. If you’ve ever looked up to Rachel from friends, now that’s a girlboss that knows how to rock a suit and look effortless and stunning in one go. There are so many options to choose from. You can opt for classic slim trousers and a structured blazer, wide-legged pants with an oversized blazer, or even various materials such as cotton, summer-friendly linen, velvet, or faux leather if you’re feeling bold.


Simply put, power suits are a dream come true for every woman that wants to test out the limits of her style. They are versatile and go perfectly well with ankle boots as well as high heels. So pair them based on the occasion and your own mood. Think of 2020 as the perfect opportunity to genuinely find your ideal, go-to power suit, and you’ll never have fashion dilemmas for office parties, ever again!


In the next several months, you’ll have numerous opportunities to test out the latest fashion trends, move your own fashion boundaries, and abandon your comfort zone. And with the help of some creativity, let this be your simple guide to all party-wear and holiday fashion. But make it your own with some of your unique innovations, too!