5 Rising Trends in the Makeup Industry

Makeup has been used for centuries by people from all walks of life. In ancient times, makeup was not only used for beauty but protection as well. Ancient Egyptians believed that using kohl as eyeliner protected them from the sun rays and stares that would bring bad luck, i.e., the Evil Eye. Modern makeup endeavors improve a person’s appearance, protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, and delay aging. Some current trends when it comes to makeup are;

Focus on Skincare

People are more conscious of their health habits now more than ever. Besides eating healthy foods, drinking enough water, and exercising, skincare is a big part of a healthy individual. There are supplements for healthy skin as well as regimes that people follow each day. For instance, the Korean 10-step regimen is quite popular. And as you know makeup in Korea is quite developed, and that is why mostly all the affordable and high quality makeup and skincare products are made in Korea.People are now more concerned about taking care of their skin and using makeup to add to natural beauty hence minimalist makeup.

Use of Organic Ingredients

Organic makeup is made free from synthetic additives. There has been a shift in the way makeup is manufactured. We now prefer to look good and protect the environment at the same time. This has prompted manufacturers to use non-synthetic materials in products. The use of biodegradable packaging containers is also part of organic makeup. Brands are being held accountable for their ethical practices when manufacturing. For example, if the products are cruelty-free, meaning that they have not been tested on animals. Organic makeup is believed to contain more nutrients that nourish the skin. Women and men alike want to use clean makeup products that won’t risk their health.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

If you lead a busy life with little to no time to do your makeup in the morning, then semi-permanent makeup has you covered. You can get your nails done by adding acrylics and gel polish that lasts longer than regular nail polish. With the introduction of microblading and microshading, your eyebrows can now always look great at any time. An eyebrow technician with the best permanent makeup machine can give you brows that require little to no attention after the healing process. Wearing masks has become a necessity in modern times. To avoid smudging every time you take off your mask, you can opt for semi-permanent lip blushing. You can have false lashes added to your natural eyelashes for fuller and longer brows to achieve this effect. If you decide to get all the above procedures done, it takes less time to get ready in the morning.

Rise in Self-Care and Personalized Packages

In the year 2020, when the pandemic hit, we all had to stay indoors to keep safe. This meant that we couldn’t go to a beauty spa for our regular facial and thus the rise in do-it-yourself alternatives. Most people had to rely on products they had made themselves due to lack of access to products they were accustomed to. As we are slowly getting back to interactions, makeup brands are now offering personalized packages instead of a one size fits all approach. You can now go to your favorite online store, take a test and get makeup selected to fit your needs. We all used our laptops more than usual during the pandemic. Makeup brands make products that protect your skin from the free radicals emitted by blue light that cause sagging and dark spots. You can get a foundation or sunscreen to protect you from blue light that you should wear even when indoors.

Illusion Makeup

This is a new and popular trend that has gained momentum in recent times. With illusion makeup, the artist can draw anything the client desires. This type of makeup is popular in the performing arts and, more so during Halloween. The final result can be confusing to look at and even dizzying. A makeup artist can transform a person’s face to look like five pairs of eyes or like a skull. Certain artists have made a name for themselves from the intricate illusions they are able to create.


These trends have been given rise by current events such as the pandemic and also a desire to do better for ourselves and the environment.

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