Facing hair thinning? Pump up your hair volume

Hair thinning can happen at any stage, which can easily shake your self-esteem, and you will be left wondering about styling it for looking fabulous. Worry not! Not just you; many are standing on the same platform.


To boost the dose of confidence, we have jotted down some styling tips that will help pump and make your hair voluminous.


What makes our hair thin?

Thinning of hair can happen due to so many reasons such as medications, menopause, stress, hormonal imbalances, or alopecia. Mostly faced by people in their early thirties, here are some signs to look out for;

  • Changes in hair quality
  • Occurrence of patches
  • Lost volume
  • Hair loss, especially in specific areas such as the crown area


Different ways for pumping volume

We jotted down a few solutions for your thin hair to boost its volume. However, results are dependent upon the kind of hair you have, style, and length. Here are few ways that will help in adding that lost volume


  • hairpieces

You can try using hairpieces as add-ons for boosting hair volume. A hairpiece can easily attach with your natural hair, which blends flawlessly and provides more volume to your hair.


These are ideal when thinning is happening near the crown area; they can be applied easily and remain secure at one place for a long duration.


  • Hair extensions


Hair extensions are an efficient way of adding length and much volume, and these are found in a diverse range of colors, styles, and sizes. Hair extensions such as micro-link extensions are better as they blend well with your natural hair without damaging them.

These extensions are found in a diverse range of modern styles and outlooks, such as micro link hair extensions. They may be a temporary solution; however, they work wonders for those who always wanted long hair. However, make sure that you blend your natural hair color with the extensions.


  • Wigs


Whether you are facing hair thinning or balding, wigs effectively add volume; comes with different styles, lengths, and colors, making this a glamourous option to go for. Found in two kinds- synthetic and human hair wigs, each has its advantages which depend upon the style and preference you choose to go for.

These are best in case you are facing thinning of hair from multiple areas. Quick and easy to wear, they give a smart and confident look. Wigs like u-part wigs or short bob wigs need proper attention and maintenance, just like our natural hair.

  • Hair toppers

If you think wigs are not for you, then choosing hair toppers should be the better option for you. Hair toppers, also called hair enhancers, balance and blend well with your hair.

They cover the crown area and can be found in various styles—hair toppers efficiently work along with your natural hair.

However, for a blended look, match the color of the topper with your natural hair

  • Some other options

Apart from these, you can change the partition of your hair, this gives a natural boost to your hair volume. Blow drying is another way of targeting hair thinning, especially the crown area, for pumping volume; it works by pushing your hair upwards.

Another measure is Bendy rollers, which do not require heat, and work on boosting hair volume naturally and they are effective on your wigs and extensions too.

Backcombing is a traditional way that helps in perking up your hair volume. However, use the right kind of brush for it.

Summing up

These tips will make you fabulous and will upgrade your styling game too! These are versatile ways of boosting volume and giving you a desirable look.

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