How to Make Your Own Natural Deodorant at Home

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These days, there are a lot of deodorants available on the market. However, not all of them will work for you. Maybe you are looking for a particular scent, or you want to avoid an allergic reaction. Here is how to prepare your very own, natural deodorant.


Whether you want an aromatic deodorant or an unscented deodorant, the creation process is very simple. You only need a few ingredients and a few simple steps.


These days, many people prefer to make their own, natural deodorant. You could avoid all of the toxic and chemical components that some brands of deodorants include. A natural option that works just like the toxic deodorants on the market.


Ingredients needed


Although there are different recipes that you can make, the following option will ensure excellent results with simple, easy to find ingredients. You will need:


  • Coconut oil, three tablespoons
  • Shea butter, two tablespoons
  • Arrowroot powder, two tablespoons
  • Baking soda, three tablespoons
  • Some essential oils, such as lavender and eucalyptus


You also need to have a few kitchen items. Specifically, these are:


  • Casserole Dish
  • Stainless steel thermometer
  • Quart container


Once you’ve have everything you need to start the procedure, there are three simple steps that you will be able to do within minutes. Remember, that you must use the thermometer efficiently. Otherwise, the products may get too hot and you will have to start over.


Quick and easy procedure


  1. Start by melting the ingredients:  You can start by melting some of the ingredients you’ve prepared. First, you should put the coconut oil and shea butter in the quart container. These are the most important ingredients for soft underarm skin.


Note: It is important that you do not to heat the oils directly. Instead, you can use a double boiler, for slow heat. Be sure to heat the mixture on low for best results.


You should heat the shea butter to its melting point, i.e. between 89 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. And you should keep in mind that coconut oil reaches its melting point at exactly 78 degrees Fahrenheit.


The only way to get the temperature exact is to use the thermometer. This way, you will avoid overheating the mixture, especially the shea butter. You should also keep in mind that this mixture will first melt then harden. So, when this base has melted, simply remove it from the heat.


  1. Moving on to mixing: So far so good, and in fact, the hard part is over. Now, all that is left to do is to mix in the different ingredients. To do this you must wait until the base is completely cold.


Once you have waited long enough, you should mix the arrowroot powder and the baking soda. The result should be a homogeneous mixture, so definitely take your time.


After that, you can add your personal touch by choosing certain essential oils. At this point, you must decide what qualities and aromatic scents you want your deodorant to have. Customizing the smell to suit you and your needs.


Here are some suggestions:


  • Lavender oil: is a good choice to treat eczema allergies and infections so it is an efficient antifungal. Also, the floral and pleasant aroma convinces a lot of people.
  • Lime oil: Choose lime oil and you will have a natural deodorant with a fresh and light characteristic.
  • Tea tree oil: The best thing here is the antibacterial function and a camphor aroma.


  1. Finish the procedure: Find a special mold that will allow you to obtain a hand deodorant bar. If you can’t find a mold you can also choose a deodorant container.

Once you have poured the mixture into a container you should leave it to harden in a freezer or refrigerator. This will allow you to select the option that will convince you the most.


You may have noticed that the melting point of shea butter and coconut oil are not the same. So the result, i.e. the bar will remain more solid. Finally, simply store your new natural deodorant in a cool, dry place.




What is the most effective natural deodorant?


To answer this question you will need to determine what you want in a natural deodorant. Therefore, you can choose that your natural deodorant is antibacterial, antifungal, with certain aromas, among other characteristics.


How do you make natural deodorant with coconut oil?


You can use coconut oil to create a good natural deodorant for reliable use. To do so, simply follow the step-by-step procedure described above. If you prefer, you can select the essential oil that best suits your needs.


Is there a natural deodorant that works?


Any natural deodorant that you make yourself can work. Those natural home deodorants that don’t work mean that they are not made correctly. That is why you must follow the correct procedureto a T to obtain a good result.


We’re done here and it wasn’t a difficult procedure, right? When you make your natural deodorant, then you can get rid of the toxic components of some brands. Therefore, both your skin and your health, in general, will thank you.


Once you  repeat this procedure a few times, you will be able to better your results. Try using different essential oils or other ingredients.

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