Speed Up Your Makeup Routine with These 10 Tips

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Today we are talking about how to speed up the morning routine of applying makeup. It often happens that we are not even ready for work, but we all know we need to look nice and tidy when we leave the house. If you are also struggling with morning fatigue, and you do not have time or coffee to drink in peace, then it is the right time to change your routine.

Below, we share with you the best tips on how to start your day and how to speed up your morning makeup routine!

Start the day with a smile!

What is very important for the proper functioning of the body is to get some sleep. Experts say you should sleep a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 9 hours during the night. When you wake up, forget about the phone. Browsing social networks in the morning can stir your thoughts and give you many useless information. Organize your morning so that you have at least an hour to prepare for work. Drink coffee alone, in silence. It would be best to go out on the terrace or in the yard and be in the fresh air. Drink your favorite coffee that will wake you up and be sure to make a healthy breakfast before you go out. And finally, arrange yourself so that you are satisfied with yourself. Choose clothes that will be comfortable for you. The next step is facial care and makeup! Follow this guide for the perfect makeup effect that takes about ten minutes!


Tip 1 – Facial cleansing

Dermatologists claim that many skin problems occur due to improper facial cleansing. For facial cleansing, you need mild products that are in line with your skin type. You can choose gel or natural soap. Facial cleansing is mandatory during the morning and evening routine. The difference is that during the evening you take off your make-up and the dirt that has accumulated during the day. During the morning routine, you remove sebum and the remnants of the cream that you applied before going to bed. In the morning, wash with cold water, apply the gel and rub the gentle face and leave it to dry naturally. If dark circles appear on the face, take an ice cube and gently run it over the skin. Ice treatment has become very popular because it tightens the skin, improves the tone and affects the eyelids. If you have pimples on your face, we advise you to make ice cubes from tea. Green tea or chamomile can soothe the skin and provide a great effect. While you wait for the water to dry, we move on to the next step.


Tip 2 – Hydration before makeup

It is a big mistake when you apply powder on a dry face. Moisturizer is needed before applying concealer and powder. It should be light and absorb quickly. You can apply it while your face dries after washing. Apply a layer of cream and when it absorbs, apply powder. If you do not have skin imperfections that you want to cover, we advise you to choose BB or CC cream. These are tinted creams that also hydrate the skin, have good covering power and provide a fresh look. If the cream has an SPF factor, that’s a full hit! These creams can save you time and replace three products, which will mean a lot to you in the morning. For fans of classic powders, the procedure still takes a bit longer because each product must be applied correctly. Then just wait to be absorbed.


Tip 3 – Balm instead of lipstick

It takes more time to apply lipstick, but you have to take care of it throughout the day. In addition to requiring precision, applying lipstick also requires frequent repairs. This does not benefit the ladies because they have a lot of responsibilities during one day. That is why it is better to choose a lip balm on busy mornings that provides hydration and shine, and is applied in one go. You can also find colored balms, which will fit harmoniously into the overall makeup.


Tip 4 – Applying mascara

Mascara is mandatory, and it doesn’t take much time to apply it, if you are a real makeup expert! However, it is definitely a better solution to try upgraded lashes and you will always look like you have just put on professional make-up. In addition to the upgrade, there are now several other techniques that will help you avoid mascara and have long and well-groomed lashes. One of these treatments is keratin for eyelashes.


Tip 5 – Eyebrow shaping

Shaping eyebrows can really take a lot of time. Surely you are familiar with the scenario when the tip of your pencil breaks or you fail to shape your eyebrows precisely in a hurry. To prevent this from happening again, you need to find a permanent solution for eyebrows them to be always tidy. One of the most practical solutions is cosmetic eyebrow tattoos, perfectly shaped in accordance with your facial features. Once your eyebrows are trimmed, your morning makeup routine changes and you won’t need much time to tidy up.


Tip 6 – Bronzer

Bronzer is not just for summer! You can use it after applying BB or CC cream and it will define the look of your face in an instant. You can also use bronzer as an eye shadow, so that you don’t waste time choosing the shades that match your outfit. The bronzer will give you a fresh look and will easily cover skin imperfections.


Tip 7 – Is eyeliner mandatory?

Many ladies cannot imagine their makeup routine without eyeliner, but it is unnecessary in the morning. If you can’t do without it, a better solution is to use eyeliner. There are pens on the market that guarantee precise drawing and are easy to use. They are durable, and you don’t have to think about whether they will smudge during the day. Since you don’t have time to shade your eyelids in the morning, an eye pencil can be useful and functional.


Tip 8 – Loose powder

Loose powder is great if you have oily or combination skin. It will base your makeup, and you will not have to worry about sebum on your skin. Choose a neutral powder, so you don’t have to worry about a color that will combine with a tinted cream.


Tip 9 – Choose waterproof makeup during the summer

When the summer season comes and the heat sets in, we advise you to choose waterproof makeup that is ideal when the temperatures are high. In the summer months, avoid intense and heavy makeup and choose waterproof mascara and eye shadows to prevent spilling on your face during the day.


Tip 10 – Wipes to absorb excess fat on the face

When the humidity in the air is increased, sebum is often secreted on the face. If you are facing this problem during the summer, use handkerchiefs to absorb excess fat on your face. In just a few seconds, you will clean your face of sebum and will not spoil your makeup.

We believe that these tricks will help you look great in the morning and shine, with very little effort and time spent.

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