The Top Makeup Trends For You To Try Out This Autumn

As the leaves change, there are always the most amazing makeup trends, gracing those runways and reminding us all why we love fall so much. And as the leaves change to a burnt orange, we search inside for our creative color palette. And this fall is no exception. Here are the top ten makeup trends this Autumn.


1.)  Eyeliner in block colors

Bold colors side by side, creating angular shapes in chromatic hues. Your expressive eyes will pop when you try this out!  So be sure to color outside the lines, in colors once reserved only for lipliners.


2.)  Eye-shadowy lids in multiple colors

Glitter under those textured lashes of fluttering joy… with this makeup trend, think a rainbow of colors and blend and mix as you desire. Take your eyeliner and smoke that eye from the lid up. Create waves of color and design on your lid with olives, blues and bright yellow hues and skip the shadow entirely.


3.) Those Lashes

No longer extra lengthy, instead, think textured- multiple layered in feathered lengths create fuller lashes. Bottom line lashes are heading upward, with more length and love invested in those lower lashes. Try this makeup trend, use mascara hues that are bold and bright in orange, pink, and other strong poppy colors.

4.) Brows

Not overdrawn, groomed but not thin and shaped to perfection. Naturally, and glamorously….



There is no need to blush, but rather hydrate the entire face for a more dewey radiant glow. Your bold eye color will pop a little extra as you let the rest of the face naturally shine.  This season, try this makeup trend. Replace the blush with around the eye accented jewel decals. Place high upon those cheekbones for dramatic effect.  Or line up some crystals along the brow itself and leave the jewelry behind.

A blush-worthy trend to consider this fall is the blood orange blush. Orange is the it color of Autumn to paint your cheeks with. And if you are a huge fan of blush and want an out of this world look, find a shimmering pink blush to brush onto cheeks lids and side eye, add eyeliner, stained nude lips and look like a complete goddess.


Speaking of lips…. think bright red lipstick and extra pouty, in every possible shade of red that you can imagine. Blood orange, and poppy being our favorites.  If you are looking for a darker shade, set the browns aside and go for the gothic wine palette– bare faced and wine lips make for the perfect autumn evening… if you want your face to match your lip tone, go nude all the way, and aim for glossy.


This Fall- Discover Bold Color

Autumn makeup trends mean adding color here and there… mascaras in bright orange and lips in deep wines… accent your face with glittery blush or face decals, and have a blast using bright eyeliners around the normal lines– 2020 is all about differentiating yourself, and being bold in color and shine. And with the year that we have had, the reminders of the effects of climate change, and the compassion that has been needed to keep everyone safe, remember to wear your mask and choose vegan and cruelty free makeup options. All of the links above link to brands that are vegan and cruelty free such as Kat Von D, and Lady Gaga’s  vegan and cruelty free line Haus Labs 

Photo credit: Header Image EtienneOrtega