8 Ideas for Your Bachelorette Party You Probably Haven’t Considered

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If you are planning a bachelorette party, 2020 might make you feel a bit lost. You can’t find a hot male revue nearly anywhere, and going to a crowded club is likewise off the menu.

However, you’re less likely to get anyone sick in the great outdoors — so why not give your pre-nuptial revelries an active twist? The eight adventures below will nearly guarantee your squad has a memorable time without violating social distancing rules. Best of all, you can bring your new mate along for fun — next time!

1. Paintball

What’s the most dangerous prey? Other humans, of course — but you won’t have to turn into Hannibal the Cannibal to enjoy a round of non-lethal paintball. All you’ll need is wilderness and the correct gear.

If you and your squad never fake-murdered each other before, you should stick to a regulation course. If you go “off the grid” with your game, make sure to follow safety rules like avoiding shooting from less than 10 feet away and wearing goggles at all times.

2. Axe-Throwing 

Axe-throwing has caught on in recent years, and there’s a good reason why. It’s fun. It’s a fantastic way to let loose. Whether you’re an unabashed nerd, an aspiring lumberjack or somewhere in between, you’ll enjoy a fantastic bonding experience with you and yours.

After your medieval show of might, find a socially distanced outdoor pub to kick back with a pint or two.

3. Rock Climbing

So your rock-climbing gym remains closed, why not apply your skills to the great outdoors? If your gear works for outdoor use, now is the time to test it.

And if you don’t like the idea of belaying and rappelling your way around nearly sheer cliff faces, bouldering offers a less adrenaline-rich alternative. In this form of free climbing, you scramble your way up rocks without the use of equipment.

4. Whitewater Rafting

If you plan on saying “I do” during the summertime, you need a bachelorette adventure that beats the heat. Whitewater rafting offers excitement aplenty, and the river water will chill and refresh you in the best way. Don’t expect to stay dry as you navigate the waves!

You’ll probably want to go with an experienced guide, and with social distancing requirements, reservations fill up quickly. Contact one of the nation’s hottest rafting spots to inquire about your options. Make sure to check on their cancellation policy, too, since 2020 is the year of the unexpected.

5. Taking a Weekend Road Trip

If your squad decided that boarding a plane for a beach vacation is a no-go, you can still enjoy the thrill of the open road. Load up your vehicles and hit the road on an adventure! Make sure you pack plenty of hand sanitizer and masks — even if the latter isn’t required in your area, other locations have stricter restrictions.

Where should you go? Why not hit frequently overcrowded tourist spots? You don’t have to risk your health if you feel uncomfortable at a theme park. You’ll find tons of tiny towns dotting America’s roadways, many of which boast local museums that give you a new look at history.

6. Go Off-Grid Glamping

If you and your tribe love the outdoors but prefer to keep things lower-key, why not give glamping a go? You won’t have to pitch a spidery tent — many of the top locations provide anything from elevated yurts to retrofitted Airstreams to ensure your comfort. Kick back, wake up and do sunrise yoga in the woods and enjoy toasting marshmallows after a day exploring nature’s beauty!


7. Running a Muddy Obstacle Race

Getting physical generates all the endorphins of a night on the town without the morning-after headache. Why not sign up as a team to run an adventure race?

Events like Tough Mudder have you slithering through muddy pits and climbing over rope ladders. If events in your area suffered COVID-19-related cancellations, you could recreate the experience if you have the know-how to build a course and sufficient acreage.


8. Paddleboard Yoga

What’s more fun than trying to master Eka Hasta Vrksasana, the one-handed tree pose? Trying to do so while balanced atop the water like some kind of yogi messiah. Hopefully, your instructor won’t skip directly to advanced variations, but you’ll enjoy a killer core workout all the same.

Make Your Bachelorette Party an Adventure With These Seldom-Considered Ideas

You don’t have to let COVID-19 put a damper on your bachelorette party plans. Make them an exhilarating outdoor adventure instead and create lifelong memories with your friends before walking the aisle.

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