Five Ways Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride Can Make The Most Of It

Wedding Season is upon us. And socially distanced, outdoors, intimate and rescheduled weddings are happening right now. The dashing groom and beautiful bride are celebrating their love for each other and they want you to be their made of honor, bridesmaid and party planner. You are the bestie, the plus one, the call anytime friend.. and the bridesmaid for many. Here are fifteen things all us bridesmaids understand.

1.) The Bridesmaid Dress Is Not A Worthy Investment

You know how expensive the bridesmaid dresses are. You have worked extra shifts to pay for the tafetta and never to be seen again dresses. In fact, there is a bridesmaid section in your closet. Rent the Runway truly is a better option. So tell her!! And glam it up in a gown you truly can enjoy wearing.

2.) Vegas is the best place for a Bachelorette Party

There is nothing better than a girls trip to Vegas to celebrate your girl getting hitched. There is plenty to shop, dine and dance the night away. And let’s face it. All of us want to go to Vegas, so the trip is worthwhile for us single girls too.

3.) The Band At The Reception Matters

For us, our dates, and grandma and grandpa. Music is the best way to celebrate the love between the bride and groom and the extended hours we are wearing those dresses. If there is a DJ planned you can use your playlist skills to make the night even more memorable.

4.) Weddings Are A Great Excuse To Bring That SO To Meet Your Friends

What a great excuse when you just start dating someone that is getting serious– weddings are a great way to get the intros in, all at once. So bring that maybe guy,, and find out if there is something there there—

5.) Bridesmaids travel abroad when they help their bestie plan a destination wedding.

That’s right! Push notifications, opt in emails, plant the seeds so your friend makes it an Island wedding.  The best part of a trip like this is you can take your bridesmaid self on a solo trip afterwards.


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