Hiring the Right Wedding Planner: 4 Tips to Consider

Hiring a planner can be the difference between your wedding being the best day of your life or a stressful and chaotic event for you and your family. Here are some tips on how to hire the correct planner:

Know what you want your wedding to look like

Remember, you’re hiring a planner for their expertise and ability to make things happen. If you need to figure out what you want your wedding to look like, this person can help you figure it out. That’s what they’re there for! Getting in-depth on the details of how your wedding will take place can seem overwhelming and unnecessary when you’re in the throes of planning. It’s easy to get caught up with figuring out how much money is left in the budget and when to book the caterer. But if you are still determining exactly what your wedding looks like, it will be easier to get the people responsible for helping make it happen on board. The best way to work with a planner is by communicating your vision for your big day—and being specific about what that means. Your wedding will have elements from every part of your life—your interests, friends, family members, and hobbies—and all of these must come together seamlessly. If someone isn’t clear about what you want your wedding to look like, they may assume that certain details are implied or unimportant and miss them altogether.

Be clear about your budget

Another question you should ask yourself when hiring a wedding planner is how much you’re willing to spend. It’s the basis for all decisions that follow: how many days you want to allow for wedding planning, who you’ll be working with, what experience that person has, and so on. Some planners are generalists and will take on any size job, while others specialize in a certain budget or type of event. You should also be frank about your expectations: if you want something done a certain way, it’s important to ensure the person you’re hiring will be able to do it and do it well. Saying your budget is “under $5000” isn’t specific enough. Is it $4999? $4999 plus travel expenses? A good planner will ask questions like this to get an idea of where their clients are coming from and ensure everyone is on the same page from the beginning. If you can’t decide on a number, consider giving an estimate instead—it might be more helpful than trying to nail down an exact (and potentially inaccurate) amount.

Find out if they’re a good fit for your personality and style

Make sure that your personalities mesh and that they have experience planning weddings with similar styles (they should have plenty of examples of their work); it’s also key for them accurately assess your needs. You don’t want someone who can only plan certain aspects — you need someone who can handle every size event, whether a small ceremony or a huge reception. What’s more, you’ll want someone to help create a customized plan that fits whatever budget you’ve set. Don’t let them apply cookie-cutter solutions — they should be able to show you how they’ll handle anything that might come up on your big day. You’ll also want samples of their work and references from past clients.

Ask about their experience

When planning a wedding, you want to be sure that your planner is experienced and skilled. When you ask about their experience, you can get an idea of what they’ve done in the past and if it’s made them better at what they do. For example, a planner who has worked with clients who have been satisfied is someone who makes people happy. This can mean fewer headaches for you down the line. There are many different ways to assess someone’s experience – through word of mouth, on their website, or even an online portfolio or social media account. You can then ensure that your potential planner has the right skills to take care of all your needs throughout the process. This includes being able to handle your budget and any special requests that you may have. If they don’t have the skills necessary to fulfill these roles, they’ll need to bring in other people or companies to help – which might add more costs to your final bill (and even more headaches).

Due to the hectic nature of planning a wedding, especially when there are other aspects that you have to attend to, it is important to hire a planner and ensure they have time to organize everything.

About The Author

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