Tips to Make the Wedding Day Go Smoother

A wedding can come with plenty of stress and anxiety for everyone involved in preparing the decorations, the venue, the catering, and the order of events. Everyone wants the entire event to go off without big problems, but weddings aren’t something that most of us participate in very often.

How do you make sure that a wedding day goes smoothly and that there is little risk of big problems? Here are some tips that will help you prevent some of the problems before they happen and make the wedding day experience a memorable one in a good way.

Have Backups in Place

The biggest problem with the average wedding is that something goes wrong and there’s no Plan B in place to deal with it. What do you do if the wedding cake doesn’t turn out right but there’s no time to get another one? What happens if the wedding dress suddenly doesn’t fit on the big day?

If you have the resources, you should have backups for as much of the wedding as possible. So, if the best man falls sick, you should have someone else prepared to take his place. If the wedding cake is dropped or not ready on time, you should have a backup ready to go. You also want a backup wedding dress just in case, and you may even want to line up reserve caterers, decorators, and other services for all the essential parts of the wedding experience. This means a lot of extra work before the big day, but it can save you from a lot of anxiety and make sure that everything goes off as smoothly as possible.

Decorate as Far in Advance as Possible

All of your wedding plans should be put in place as early as possible, and then everything you can do in preparation for the wedding should be done as soon as it can be. Decorations are one of those aspects of the wedding that can often still be a work in progress on the morning of the wedding. That’s not what you want to happen, because you can end up not having all the decorations you need or running into a problem you don’t have time to fix. Definitely make sure that all the decorations are in place the night before the wedding, and earlier if possible.

Talk to the owners of the venue to see if you can have access to the place for a full 24 hours before the wedding. This gives you some leeway to work with so that you can get last minute preparations done.

Pick a Trustworthy Caterer

How well do you know the catering service that will be providing food and beverages for the wedding? Are they reliable? Are you sure they will be able to come through on what they promise?

Before you hire a wedding caterer, you want to spend some time reading up on them. Check out reviews people have written online about them and what kind of experiences the customers have had with them. Talk to the caterers and ask them about their guarantees and what they do to ensure that nothing goes wrong. You want to have peace of mind about the catering service, then you probably won’t have that unless you take these steps to reassure yourself.

If you’re not happy with the catering service after you’ve looked into them a little bit, there may still be time to find someone else to take their place. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the catering service and you’re fully confident in their ability to come through for the wedding.

Hire Cleaners for the Venue

Who is going to clean up when the wedding is all done? If you’re stressing out about that, you may not be able to enjoy the wedding like you should. Whether you are from the families of the bride or groom or part of the wedding party, some of the responsibility of cleaning up may fall to you. To get the full security deposit back on the wedding venue, the place will need to look spotless and in good condition. You might not want to try to handle this with friends and family members. Instead, it may be a better choice to use an experienced Boston cleaning company, or professional cleaners for wherever the wedding is being held.

This can save you a lot of work and stress, and you know the venue will be in good hands.

Assign a Wedding Coordinator

Whether you hire a wedding coordinator or ask a friend to handle these duties, you should have someone chosen as the person in charge of all the little details on the wedding day. In many cases, this is the maid of honor or best man, but it makes sense to use someone who isn’t in the wedding who has the freedom to move around at all times and tell people where they should be going and what they should be doing.

Make sure you choose someone who is organized and good with people and who is involved with the wedding from an early stage. That way, they will know exactly what they are doing and be able to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you. Choose a wedding planner who suits your needs and the style of wedding you want, and then leave the details to them.

Tell Everyone to Be Early

What you don’t want is essential wedding personnel to get caught in traffic or miss their alarm and show up late. Ensure that everyone who is part of the wedding in any meaningful way is at the venue early and in their place, ready to go. Tell them an earlier time than you need them there so that they will not be late. You never know what could go wrong and what could hold people up, and you don’t want to have to reschedule the order of events or find replacements just because of someone’s poor timing.


With these tips, you should have a better chance to see the wedding go smoothly, with fewer risks and problems to deal with. We hope this advice helps you to enjoy the event even more.