How Female Business Owners Can Improve The Health Of Their Business With A Database CheckUp.

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A healthy and optimal performing database is essential for customer satisfaction and staff efficiency. If you have a business database and have neglected its performance tuning and maintenance tasks, you are getting into a tunnel of issues.

When your system starts to lag, so will your company operations. This is where you need to schedule a database health check with specialists in database administration and management at the earliest. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is most business owners not even sure as to what a database health check is, and how can it bring value to their business

Why should you move forward with a database health check for your business? 

As the term suggests, a database health check is an inspection to identify whether your database system is performing effectively for your business or not. To attain a total comprehension of the problems, a highly-skilled database administrator will assess the database’s total configuration, query performance, the safety of the data, the efficiency of the index, procedures for data maintenance, and its complete security. 

When a business approaches a remote DBA company with a request for a database health check, the specialists of a company will approach their systems with some general questions listed below to help them get a direction when it comes to the database health check-

• Are the operation system and the database tuned properly?
• And Are the virtual and physical resources for the tasks of the database sufficient?
• Does the system require query performance or database engine tuning for its performance? 
• The database schemas are denormalized or normalized where appropriate?
• Has the business created the proper indexes?
• Are administrative utilities critical for the business carried out regularly? 
• Has the database been replicated or backed up as required for the operating environment?
• Are the procedures for disaster recovery tested and documented for the organization?
• Does the current staff have the needed skills for maintaining an effective database system? 

Get reports of findings with recommendations


The skilled DBAs generally runs through the above questions to identify issues in stability, performance, data safety, and security. Specialists from esteemed database administration and management company, say that once a database health check has been conducted, the next step is to document all recommendations based on the findings. This report serves as the baseline for system comparisons for the future, or it can be a template for database migration to the Cloud or new hardware. 


When is the right time for you to schedule a database health check? 

Every business needs to carve out time for conducting a scheduled database health check frequently. This will save a lot of money and time. Often most business owners forego the necessity of consistent database health checks, resulting in many issues. Qualified professionals in the field of database management and administration state that if you are facing the following problems, you should consider getting a database health-check done- 

1. Your system is performing poorly – 

This is one of the main indicators that tell you that your database needs a health check immediately. When you start noticing factors like slow applications, frequent server crashes, a slow return on queries, and other similar indicators, you should contact a skilled DBA and get a health check on your database conducted as soon as possible. 

2. You are considering an investment in extra hardware 

Investing in additional or extra hardware for your database might sometimes be the need of the hour; however, skilled specialists in database management and administration caution this is not the best route for you to embrace. Several organizations choose additional processors, better storage, or maybe another extra server; however, they need a database health check to highlight problem areas for optimization and innovation. 

3. The business database has suffered from neglect 

Whenever there is a chance for you to update your database or if a new service pack is issued, your business should always take advantage of it. However, for some business owners, the test restoration from a database backup or maintaining a regular schedule for the above task is challenging. 

Most of the time, companies lack the staff and the in-house expertise to care for and manage effectively for the database estate adequately. Again, several businesses are not even aware of what their IT professionals are addressing, so it is here that a database health check becomes mandatory to counter system neglect issues. Your database requires attention, and conducting a health check is just a simple affair as business procedures or daily operations do not need to change in any way at all. 

4. There has been an outage recently  

Even if you can detect the precise reason for your outages like damage to the system, corrupt files, or even malfunction in your hardware, there could be something more grave lurking in the darkness. Database health checks will help you address the present issue, and it will help you weed out any mild to severe risks in your database. 

Customized solutions for a company 


When you hire skilled and experienced DBAs for a database health check, you will find that the process is not alike for every platform. A good credible company will have versatility in working with popular database systems like Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and more. As a business owner, you should consult the professionals for your database platform to better understand the health check processes and costsGood companies are aware of any database’s ins and outs to help you arrest problems and boost performance tuning with success. 

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that as a business owner, if you have lately witnessed problems in your database, do not wait for it to aggravate, blow out of proportion to bring your database to a complete halt. You need to reach out and connect to professional DBA companies with proven track records and experience to conduct a complete database health check as soon as possible!

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