How to Become a Better Business Leader

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Whether you are considering starting your own business or wondering if there is a way to get better results from your current business or career, improving your leadership skills can often be essential.

If you are running your own company or working as a manager or supervisor for your employer, being able to inspire others and get the best out of your team can be beneficial for everybody involved. Studies show that the best leaders tend to be people who are willing to go above and beyond for their team when it is needed, foster strong relationships in the workplace, and are loyal to the companies that they work for. Whether you want to improve your own business or get better results from your career, there are many reasons to consider working on improving your leadership skills.

So, how can you get started?


Improve Your Knowledge:

Boosting the knowledge that you possess when it comes to your career will increase your workplace confidence. In turn, this will help you get better results from the work that you do and can improve your leadership skills by helping you shift into a more positive mindset that encourages and inspires others to follow suit. Most people are going to be reluctant to trust a manager, supervisor, or business owner who displays a lot of self-doubt, while on the other hand, somebody who is confidence in themselves and their abilities is likely going to be looked up to.

This MSc Management in a Digital Economy online course from Aston University is an ideal program to consider when it comes to boosting your management and leadership skills and developing more confidence.


Learn Coaching Skills:

Some people are naturals when it comes to coaching and guiding others, while other people might have to learn the skills that it takes to become a good coach and mentor. If your efforts so far at coaching and mentoring your team members have been frustrating for everybody involved and you always seem to be hitting a brick wall and aren’t sure where to go from there, you might benefit from taking a course where you can learn how to improve your coaching skills and go on to become a better mentor to your employees or team members.

Coaching courses can be taken in-person or online and are designed to enable you to fine-tune your existing skills and learn new skills that you can put to use when coaching others.


Improve Your Listening Skills:

One of the main differences between a boss and a good leader is their ability to truly listen to what others have to say. Good leaders are people who are approachable and easy to talk to; employees and team members do not usually have any misgivings or worries when coming to them with problems that they might be facing in the workplace because they know that they will be heard and understood.

When you spend time improving your listening skills, it puts you in a better position to truly hear what your team has to say.


Act on Feedback:

Listening is just one part of the puzzle for becoming a better leader – when you are listening to what your team has to say, you also need to be able to act on the feedback that you are provided with and communicate with your team members to ensure that the best decisions are made when it comes to their concerns.

Every good leader knows how important it is to have a strong reputation for taking action and to be able to come up with compromises and ideas that might work if it’s not possible to act on an employee’s suggestion completely.


Be Honest:

Nobody likes a boss with a ‘do as I say but not as I do’ attitude or one that is unable to admit when they have made a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes, and the best leaders know that being honest about their shortcoming and holding their hands up when the decision isn’t the best one will earn them more respect than trying to cover it up.

Nobody is expecting you to be perfect, so there is no need to pretend that you don’t make any mistakes. Honesty, humility, and integrity are some of the most important qualities for a good leader to have.


Set a Good Example:

Another key difference between a boss and a leader is that while a boss might give orders from the office, a good leader will lead by example. One of the best ways to inspire your team is to show them, rather than tell them, what they need to do. When they see that you are willing to take action, they are likely to follow suit and make better decisions through the example that you set. In any industry, people tend to be more inspired and activated by leaders who are demonstrating a genuine passion and commitment for what they do.

Your words might be able to get people to take action, but your actions are what will change their mindset and view of the work.


Display Trust:

Micromanaging is not a good quality for a leader to have, and if you want to improve your leadership skills, taking a step back and affording your team the autonomy that they deserve is an ideal place to start. When you are passionate about getting something done correctly it can be all too easy to get very involved in every step, but this can lead to micromanaging behaviour that might breed resentment from your team.

Be there to offer support when it’s needed, but trust that your team has what it takes to get the results that you want.


Keep Learning:

Last but not least, every good leader knows that there will always be something else for them to learn. It’s impossible to know everything, so be open to learning new things all the time – even when they come from surprising sources. Even the new entry-level employee who’s just graduated might have knowledge that you don’t.

If you want to get better results from your career and your team, working to improve your leadership skills is the best place to start.

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