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Parents Are Supporting Chrissy Teigen By Sharing Adorable Pictures Of Their Kids In Helmets

Chrissy Teigen—mom, cookbook author, model, Twitter queen, and just general breath of fresh air in human form—posted an absolutely adorable picture of her son Miles on Instagram on Monday. Okay, yes, all pictures of her kids are adorable, but this one is like off the charts. Why? Because little dude is rocking a HELMET. A wee baby helmet, for Pete’s sake.


Quick aside here, could this kid look more like his dad, musician/producer/actor/more fresh air, etc. etc. John Legend? No, it is not possible. He is a tiny John Legend.

The social media superstar shared the snap of her son along with the caption, “my baby bug got his head shaping helmet today! please don’t feel bad for him if you see photos, he is a happy bug and we’re just fixing his flat!”

Fixing his flat? Oh my dear Lord, she’s talking about his little melon head! So he’s wearing the helmet to help fix his head. Teigen explained on Twitter, “baby miles getting fitted for a little helmet today for his adorable slightly misshapen head. so if you see pictures, don’t feel bad for him because he’s just fixing his flat and honestly he’s probably gonna be even cuter with it somehow.”

She is not at all wrong. Just look at this kid. He is EVEN cuter wearing a tiny helmet.

One woman told Teigen that she had nothing to worry about. She sent a photo of her own baby, who had Craniosynostosis (not that Miles has that!) but is now a happy and healthy little girl.

And guess what, it turns out that lots of babies are cuter wearing helmets. I learned this because parents started responding to Teigen with pictures of their own children in helmets, and how howdy, get ready for some sweetness overload.

Happy helmet babies! Holy moly.

One person pointed out how cute it is that the helmets push the babies’ cheeks forward. Happy helmet baby chipmunks!

Some people’s kids had decorated helmets. Now Miles is definitely going to need that.

Star Wars baby!

And check out these helmets, all jazzed up with paint and stickers.

This helmet actually says, “Just fixin my melon.”

Teigen responded later to someone who brought up just how cute the whole thread of pictures was, saying, “it is SO cute. you guys are very sweet.” Aww.

Chrissy Teigen is smart and hilarious, so here’s hoping she whips up something super cute for Miles’ helmet. So many possibilities! I want her to do something with his helmet that turns him into a little piece of food. She’s a cook, she can make this happen.

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