People Are Sharing The Pettiest Reasons They Swipe Left On Tinder And Honestly, Same

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A few days ago, writer Beth McColl asked the Twitter community to list the pettiest reasons they swipe left on dating apps.

She also shared a couple of her own pet peeves, which included “loving job too much” and “sharing a name with a family member”—both undoubtedly petty but also fully understandable. McColl’s tweet brought forth dozens of responses from folks disgusted by everything from flip-flops to hiking pics to words like “doggo” and phrases like “fluent in sarcasm” in bio. Here are 31 of the most relatable:

1. Sharing a name with a family member:

2. Tongue-out selfies:

3. Loving ‘The Office’ as a personality trait:

4. Or working out as a personality trait:

5. Any mention of sarcasm:

6. Playing sports:

7. Fishing:

8. Hiking:

9. Rock climbing:

10. Having a Snapchat:

11. Spelling their name a certain way:

12. Sharing a name with an enemy:

13. Having a too-exciting life:

14. Having attending the School Of Hard Knocks:

15. Or the University Of Life:

16. Cowboy boots and hats:

17. Bad sunglasses:


18. Bad words:

19. Camo:


20. Burying the lede:

21. Any of this:

22. Former college athletes:

23. Harry Potter:

24. Star Wars:

25. Taking ones self not seriously enough:

26. “Too much makeup”

27. Any of these phrases:

28. Or these:

29. Orrrrr these:

30. Wacky faces in profile pics:


h/t BuzzFeed

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