Reconnecting With Your Significant Other After Time Apart

It is a common scenario that plays out with modern relationships: the “taking a break” phase when couples spend time apart to find themselves and work to find appreciation for their partner. This time apart can put a strain on even the most solid and loving of relationships. So you need to make sure that once you two get back together, you both work with one another to get things back to the way they were. Below are the top nine tips on how to make your relationship work again after spending time apart.

Go On A Date

When you’re in a new relationship dates are a key part of your social life, but they soon get forgotten after a few months. If you’ve been apart for some time, then going out on a date or two could really help you to get back together and reconnect with each other. Whatever your budget or tastes, there’s a date night idea out there to suit you, so be creative and host a unique experience you and your partner can enjoy together.

Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Sex is central to any relationship, so enjoying it again after time apart is crucial to getting things back to the way they were. Try using new positions or incorporating sex toys into your lovemaking to bring you and your partner closer together than ever.


Make Time To Relax With Your Partner

Having spent some time apart it can be easy for couples to jump straight back into a hectic social and working routine, so make sure that you both take time to relax and chill out together. This will help you both to reconnect and remember what you love about one another. Try watching a movie together or simply sitting down to have a chat after work.


Find A Hobby To Share

Getting back together after some time apart can be tough, so to make the process easier try finding a new hobby that you both can share. This will mean that if you both do have to spend more time apart in the future you will have something to chat about and something to look forward to doing together when you return to one another. There are loads of hobbies for couples who want to get closer together and find an activity that they can enjoy together.


Take On A Responsibility Together

Becoming responsible for something can bring two people together, so consider taking on a mutual responsibility with your partner if you want to reconnect with them after being apart. This doesn’t have to be anything as drastic as having a child; you could buy a house together or get a pet. If you’re planning on getting a furry friend to love together then make sure that you choose the right animal and are both completely committing to caring for it throughout its life.


Make New Mutual Friends

Your social life may have struggled during your time apart, so consider finding some new friends together so that you can enjoy their company and learn more about one another as well as your new pals. Visit new hangouts, go to parties, or even invite friends to a dinner party to get to know new people and find some friends that you both like to spend time together with.


Enjoy New Experiences

Being adventurous together can help you and your partner to find new reasons to enjoy spending time together, so take the time to find a new restaurant to eat at, a new bar to try, or even a new place to explore. Try going as far out of your mutual comfort zone as possible so that you both experience something completely new together and have new memories to share.


Take A Vacation

After spending time apart, you and your partner might want to spend as much time at home as possible but going on a vacation and exploring a new place could be equally fun. Find your ideal couples vacation to take your minds off your time apart and set off to make new memories that you can both cherish.


Talk It Over

Things may have changed while you and your partner were apart, particularly if you spent a long time away from one another. Make sure that you communicate with your partner once you’re back together and work through any differences. Leaving things unsaid can lead to problems later, so make sure that you are both open and honest with each other, as this will allow you both to reconnect quicker and get on with enjoying your relationship and being happy together.