Fun Ideas for Your First Post-COVID Date

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You’re fully vaccinated, and you’re ready to head out on your first post-COVID date. After a year or more of staring at the same four walls, punctuated by only differing Zoom backgrounds, you’re more than ready to make it an occasion to remember.

What should you and your special someone do? After the quarantine, it’s challenging to choose. If you find yourself stumped, try one of these 11 fun ideas for your first post-COVID date.


Take Them Out to the Ballgame

Is your partner — or prospective one — a sports fanatic? If so, they had a long, lonely time in 2020. Many venues shut down, and teams played for cardboard cutouts. However, this summer, many venues return to full seating capacity, so take advantage.


If you find yourself in the Windy City, cheer on the Cubs or the Whitesox. You can’t beat the nostalgia of catching a game at Wrigley. However, if you or your date have children along, Guaranteed Rate field features the Xfinity KidZone to keep the littles entertained while you enjoy adult company.


Find Your Italian Restaurant

The restaurant industry took some of the harshest hits during the lockdown. Why not do your part to support local businesses by enjoying a bottle of red or white at a new favorite?

If linguine isn’t your deal, pick your favorite cuisine style. Call ahead for reservations, as demand is sure to soar. Ask your date about any food allergies so that you can select an appropriate spot.


Have a Picnic in the Park

You might find your favorite spot, too teeming with folks all as anxious to be out and about as you are. If you want to flee the madding crowds, why not have a picnic in the park?

Take a picnic basket — but leave your cellphone at home. Consider it a Zoom-free chance to disconnect and reconnect in real life.


Recreate Paparazzi Pics 

Is your Instagram account looking a little bare? It’s time to fill it with all your adventures.

When you and your date get all dolled up to paint the town red, take dozens of photos. Invest in a selfie stick if you don’t already have one. Strike a pose in front of some of the most famous spots in your hometown and resurrect your social media feeds together.


Learn to Skateboard or Longboard

Learning a new skill is a fabulous way to bring you and that special someone closer. Choose something that makes you feel like a kid again, like skateboarding or long boarding. Take a lesson together, then head out to the nearest park to show off your new moves for the youngsters.


Try a Paddle board Yoga Class

If you thought balancing in tree pose was challenging on land, wait until you throw water into the equation. Yoga on a paddle board will work your core like no other workout, but you won’t even feel the burn. You’ll be too busy having fun and getting wet with this tough-as-nails, yet no-sweat activity.

Go Geocaching 

Are you and your date urban explorers? Why not give geocaching a try? All you need is a device capable of reading GPS coordinates — your phone will do — and free club membership.

The game works by choosing a cache and programming the coordinates. Once you locate your booty, snap a photo to share your conquest on social media before leaving it for the next person.


Find an Open Mic Night

Famous performance artists like Taylor Swift kept going throughout the pandemic, but up-and-comers have had a rough go the past several months. Why not put some bread in their jar when you hit up an open mic night? If you or your date are brave and creative enough, you can even take the stage.


Discover Laser Tag 

Now that you’re safe to interact with strangers indoors again, why not rediscover the thrill of the hunt. You and your partner can head to an indoor laser tag venue and see who can blast the other the most. Many such facilities also offer climbing walls and bounce facilities, so come prepared with comfy clothes and socks.

Ride to the Danger Zone 

Theme parks also had a rough go of things in 2020, but those that previously closed are now reopening — why not go for a thrill ride or a dozen? Even if you don’t like loop coasters, you and your partner can get out your aggressions on the bumper cars. Feeling romantic? There’s nothing like a kiss atop the Ferris wheel.

Rediscover the Joy of Cinema

Finally, theaters also struggled to survive the pandemic. Why not treat your date to a buttery tub of popcorn and a matinee, now that you can? Alternatively, see if you can find a midnight screening of one of your favorite classics.

Create a First Post-COVID Date to Remember With These Tips 

You want to make your first post-COVID date memorable. Try one of the above 11 tips.

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