Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls create vision boards for 2022

Hello 2022! I welcomed this fabulous year with an open mind and heart.

If you are looking for realistic advice to create real goals and dreams for your 2022, look no further because I am breaking down how to create the best board for you. I will not be speaking about health goals, because I am not a nutritionist, dietician or a fitness trainer. Those goals are left for you to decide to tackle and there is no shame in how we look entering our “post pandemic” era. 

To curate the best vision board for yourself begin with three to six big goals. For example, they could be labeled “financial” or “personal”. This helps create a foundation for our overall board. Figure out which three areas in your life you want to focus on all year. 


The next step is creating a realistic timeline for each sectional and adding one to three goals under that section. For example, if your sectional is “personal” what two personal goals would you add? It could be regarding traveling twice a year by yourself or spending time with family. 

Once you have three to six big goals and the smaller goals written down, find an appropriate timeline for each goal. Using the traveling example, avoid writing things like, “Travel to Europe and Mexico before October”. Instead, write down things like “travel to Mexico during the spring” and “end of summer trip to Europe”. Personally, I like to have an end of the year goal and a half-way point goal. This motivates me to get to my June goal and once I have hit that goal, I know I have six months left to achieve my end of the year goal. 

Once all of your goals are written down, timelines are set and you have a clear understanding of your goals, it is time to pull inspiration. Start by choosing your color of the year. Find a color that makes you feel calm, motivated and excited all at once. If you can’t pick one then find two more. At the end of the day, this vision board is for you to look at and feel inspired. 

The next step is finding two or three fonts that fit your aesthetic. If you are just using pictures, you can skip this step. The reason texts are important for a vision board is to motivate and want us to look back at our boards. I think fonts are just as important as the pictures we decide to use. 

The final step is finding the photos you want to collage and placing them on the board. My advice is working your pictures from the edges into the middle. Find your big goal pictures and section them around the edges. Then, add the smaller goal photos and any texts you want to go alongside. And do not forget to incorporate your 2022 color (or colors) to make your board cohesive. 

A vision board is a fun way to tackle those big goals and the small goals we all want to achieve. If you have a hard time finding inspiration, look for articles, videos, and podcasts that talk about healthy goals to create. Everyone has something they are looking forward to each year and it is a way to do something for yourself. 

I hope that my advice can help you create a beautiful vision board for 2022. Send this article to your friends for a fun wine and vision board night. Or send it to someone who needs some creative inspiration for 2022. 

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