15 Best Casino Trips for Women After the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic confining everyone to their homes, traveling during these times is out of the question. While there are plenty of sites out there that provide traveling ideas for couples and families, there are very few that cater to the needs and desires of women.

While a standard holiday is great, few things are more exciting than a casino Canada or Las Vegas trip, with the latter being the more popular option. However, more regions will provide you with an immersive experience as you can tackle what locals have to offer along with a range of other activities.

Here we’ve had the pleasure of having a chat with Conrad Brennan, our gaming expert, (see profile), and he’s provided us with a range of important insights regarding the 15 best casino trips for women.

Land-based vs. Online Casinos

When traveling, you’ll need to decide what kind of casinos you’ll be visiting as there are pros and cons to both types. If you’re looking to make a day or night out of your casino trip, then it’s a no-brainer that a land-based establishment is where you’d want to be.

However, there won’t be any casino bonuses to take advantage of, but there might be a seasonal promotional offer, so it’s best to check out a casino review or two before committing to an idea.

Online casinos will eliminate the commute and they’re perfect if you’re looking to stay in yet have a bit of fun while using the best bonuses. However, you’ll lose out on a great gaming experience that can’t be replicated online.

Where to Go?

Palm Beach, Florida – Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

The Sunshine State is home to some of the weirdest and most wonderful things and with the state providing a rich diversity of cultures from Southern to Cuban, you’ll be treated to an incredible experience.

Here you’ll be able to enjoy the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek that offers a wide range of slots, table games, and more. Hit the Delray Beach if you’re after a good time as it has one of the busiest nightclub scenes in the state.

New York City, New York – Resorts World Casino

New York City has an energy unlike any other city in the US and it features a wide selection of live entertainment and luscious greenery to instill balance within the concrete jungle.

Here you can visit Resorts World Casino as it features some of the best games, live entertainment, and available eateries.

Laguna Beach, California – Casino San Clemente

While you might not get the best casino experience in California, you will be able to soak up the sun and hit the beaches while avoiding the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for something special, then head to Casino San Clemente, as it usually hosts a variety of special events that cater to a range of people.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Circa Resort & Casino

Sin City is known for providing visitors with an unforgettable experience and this is where you’ll be able to take advantage of a range of hotel-casinos. However, one stands out from the rest, Circa Resort & Casino.

This is the first adults-only casino resort in the city and it features a range of vintage-styled rooms along with the largest sports betting stadium in the world.

Macau, China – Macau Palace Casino

If you’re looking for a gambling experience that rivals Monte Carlo, then we’d suggest that you head to Macau. Here you’ll be able to take in a rich culture that features everything that you could want and even more.

Salzburg, Austria – Casino Salzburg

This is one of the last places you’d expect to have a great time at a casino as Austria is commonly associated with the Alps. The European elegance and rich diversity of cuisine will make for a relaxing stay at this top-tier establishment.

Monte Carlo, Monaco – Casino de Monte-Carlo

This is by no means the cheapest option; however, Monte Carlo will provide you with a world-class experience as you participate in various gambling activities and you’ll be able to watch the Rolex Masters and the Formula 1.

Nassau, Bahamas – Atlantis Resort

If you’re after a slice of paradise, this is where you’d want to be as you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best food and accommodation in the Caribbean. There’s also a huge casino that hosts large tournaments.

Aruba – Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort and Hotel

Visit casinos in Oranjestad and Palm Beach while also enjoying a lavish stay at some of the finest resorts in the world.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Stellaris Casino

The Stellaris Casino offers new scenery and it also allows you to enjoy a wide range of some of the best casino games while exploring the rich culture of the city.

Canadian Casinos

If you’re not willing to go too far from home, here are five of the best casinos in Canada that can provide you with a world-class vacation experience.

  • Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino
  • Fallsview Casino Resort
  • Casino De Montreal
  • Casino Niagara
  • River Cree Resort and Casino                               Header Image Source