17 Signs You're Actually Gay (and Just Don't Know It)

Maybe the question has been on your mind a lot lately. Maybe the question hit you suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. “Am I gay?” Either way, you’re unapologetically yourself no matter what your sexuality may be (even if you don’t even know it get). Because surprise! Being gay is really no big deal. It’s the twenty first century and if someone’s going to be a judgmental little hoe, then they don’t deserve to be in your v gay life. So if you can relate to these signs then you’re actually gay (you just don’t know it yet).

  1. Every time you travel by plane, you hope there is a male flight attendant. You also hope he is flamboyantly expressive and full of great humor.

  2. No hairstyle is off-limits to you. Long, short, and in-between are completely rockable. You can prove it.

  3. You secretly wish you were a little more androgynous. You’d like to wear a dress, heels, and makeup today, and a business suit with a hat tomorrow, pulling them off with equal flair.

  4. Salmon is a fish. Coral is a reef. Pink is a color. There. You said. Pink is a color, and you like it.

  5. You have stolen articles of clothing from your sibling of the opposite sex. It looked far better on you anyway.

  6. When you go shopping, choose your outfits, and a get dressed, you see yourself through the eyes of your same sex friends. You don’t mind the attention of people of the opposite sex, but you’re really trying to impress people of the same sex.

  7. You absolutely love The L Word, and you don’t understand why it ended. You are also anxiously awaiting a new season of The Real L Word.

  8. You get a bit excited every time you see a new list of celebrities in the LGBT+ community. As you scroll through the pictures in the list, you study each one, deciding whether or not you’d be interested in them.

  9. You enjoy oral sex far more than penetration. Like, seriously. Way, way more.

  10. Chivalry is dead to you and being ladylike is a bit too boring. Role reversal is where it’s at!

  11. You know what the Kinsey scale is, and you’ve spent a fair amount of time deciding exactly where you are on the spectrum.

  12. One of your top ten experiences was at a Pride parade where you were surrounded by the most interesting, fun strangers you have ever encountered, and no one you knew was there to judge you, or the only people you knew there were gay.

  13. You sometimes think about what it would be like to tell your parents, extended family, and friends that you are gay. You picture their faces, imagine their responses, and make decisions about who you would tell first and how you would do it.

  14. You believe in equality, love diversity, have liberal views, and are committed to seeing gay marriage legalized in every country.

  15. If restaurants had LGBT+ and non-LGBT+ sections, just like they have smoking and non-smoking, you would take LGBT+. That section would definitely have a better vibe.

  16. You have been a bit possessive of at least one friend of the same sex. You’ve even gotten jealous when that friend started dating someone.

  17. People have accused you of being obsessed with gender and sexuality. You’re often trying to figure out other people’s genders and sexual orientations – whether they are familiar to you or complete strangers.

So what do you think? Are you gay, without even knowing it?

Even if every item on the list applied to you, it doesn’t mean you’re gay. Gender is a spectrum, and so is sexuality. Labels are less about us and more about other people trying to put us in little boxes to help them understand the world. 

Remember that sexuality is not limited to gay and straight. There are bi-sexual, pansexual, and asexual people too, and that is not an exhaustive list. It can be tempting to classify other people, or even ourselves, but stereotypes never do anyone any justice.

It’s fun to read these lists, play games, and stick labels on whether they fit or not, but let’s put honesty and happiness first. If you are gay, I really, really hope you know it, and encourage you to be your true self.

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