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20 Building Block Songs For The Ultimate Self-Care Playlist

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If any ladies out there are like me then you have a playlist for literally every event and emotion you may have. The first step for building an amazing playlist is figuring out which emotion or feeling you want to cater to. For myself, one of my favorite playlists is my self-care playlist titled “Rainy Days.”

This leads me to step two which is naming your playlist. This is all yours and just for you so have fun with it! What you name your playlist can be something generic and simple or you can put some thought into it and come up with something unique. When I think of my perfect self-care day, I think of a rainy day, there’s something about a rainy day that is just so relaxing to me. Hence the title “Rainy Days.”

Step three of building your playlist is finding your vibe. Each song on this playlist has some sort of special meaning to me, as well as keeping a similar tone throughout the playlist. Here are the top 20 must-have songs for your self-care playlist:

  1. Issues – Julia Michaels

This song speaks for itself… we’ve all got our own issues going on, I mean come on, we’re only human.

    2. I’m so tired… – Lauv & Troye Sivan

    3. Paris in the Rain – Lauv

    4. Dog Days Are Over – Florence + the Machine

The dog days are over baby girl, It’s time for a new beginning so get up and go after it!

    5. Fast Car – Boyce Avenue

    6. Shine – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

This song is just so pure, it truly tells us about true love… honestly you won’t be able to help but smile when you hear this song. I PROMISE!

    7. 1234 – Feist

   8. Come On Get Higher – Matt Nathanson

   9. You And I – Ingrid Michaelson

  10.  Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

Just picture it! You wake up and look outside and you can see and hear the rainfall outside, perfect weather for a self-care day. You hear this song and make your favorite cup of coffee… BLISS! 

  11.  New Soul – Yael Naim

  12.  I Want You to Know – Megan Nicole & Madilyn Bailey

  13.  Heart Break – Lady A

Girl you are so strong, you may have been hurt by someone who didn’t see or appreciate your true worth but you are coming back stronger than ever. You know you deserve the world and you won’t settle, so while you wait for the right one “Sleep like a queen in the California king” that you are in.

  14.  Queens Don’t – RaeLynn

This one doesn’t need an explanation. Girl, you are a QUEEN!

  15.  Beautiful – Bazzi

  16.  Bubbly – Colbie Caillat

  17. Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying – Sabrina Carpenter

  18. Fight Song – Rachel Platten 

You may have been knocked down three or four times but you’re going to get up five. You are a fighter…

  19.  Postcards – James Blunt

  20. Don’t Give Up On Me – Andy Grammer

Not only is this song an instant confident booster but the serotonin that is released when jamming out to this song is UNBELIEVABLE!

Now, these are just the basic building blocks of any self-care playlist, there are so many more hits you could add! The second and final step of building your amazing playlist is to have fun with it, and truly make it your own! 

Note From The Author:

Hey ladies and gents! I would love to see what y’all’s self-care playlists look like, feel free to share your playlists on your Instagram story and tag me! @Ashley_Lee_Lee this way I can personally take a peek at them!

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