20 ways you know you are obsessed with Stranger Things

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In 2016, Netflix released an amazing fantasy, horror drama about our favorite kiddos (excluding our own). Storyline happens in the 1980’s, in a small town where an incident will turn the lives of main characters upside down (pun sooooo intended). Soon everyone realizes that if they do not respond, dark may come upon all of them.


Huh, it’s really hard writing an intro without spoiling the show for someone who hasn’t watched it…yet. For us, experienced addicts, waiting for the new season is equal to torture. 2020 was and still insists on being one of the worst ones that ever happened (at least in the 21st century), and adding the delay of season 4 of Stranger Things just adds more stress fuel. Perfect, just perfect.


Season 3 left us heartbroken, whereas the first trailer for season 4 confused us on so many levels!! Hopper is alive?! Wait, he’s in a Russian prison or gulag? Is a worldwide adventure upon us? Until season officially arrives, we can only suspect and measure our addiction, so let’s get started:


How can you tell if you are obsessed with this wonderful show? As a huge fan myself, I gathered my symptoms and willingly shared them with you.


1. Oh nostalgia you old friend

I was born in the end of the 80’s but there is still this wonderful melancholy I feel whenever I watch the show: malls, fashion, slang…


2. Mark the date

You are more than ready to buy a calendar just for counting down the days before Season 4 is officially here


3. It’s so scary!!!

But not that scary – it’s a show that will push you to the edge, but won’t make you run behind the couch and this is just one of the things that makes it so addictive. I have a four year old who expressed a wish to watch the Stranger Things. And honestly, my first response was nope, no way. Then we started to talk about it more, and more, and after a two week negotiation process, I caved in. We made a deal that if something is too scary or sad, we are taking a break to talk about it. We (she) learned about makeup and costumes, and in a weird way how to face fears. Another note, I might be raising the next Oscar winning director.

4. Picking the emotion

Any show that can make you feel the pain or joy of the characters did it’s job. With Stranger Things, we feel even more, maybe because the main protagonists are mostly children. Season 1 – everyone looking for Will’s body and then finding it. Tell me you weren’t crushed?! Maybe the emotions run high because they are so damn lovable. People are mezmerised by perfect acting of the young part of the cast, a lot of us started following their other projects. Anyone watched Enola Holmes?



5. You started to follow the cast on social media – that’s cool, but don’t be creepy, they are still kids.
6. Sort of PR – admit it, you are trying to make all of your friends and family to watch with you. It’s completely understandable, Stranger Things is friendship goals, right?

7. Halloween costume – did you do it?  Were you Eleven from Season 1? No need to hide the truth, we know you did or you were so tempted.

8. Depth of characters

Indeed, another plain sign the show is successful. For example, in season 1 Joyce Byers seemed paranoid, saddened and a crazy mother who lost a child, pain no one should ever experience, but by season 3, Joyce showed us that she is a really smart, caring, protective woman you shouldn’t mess with. Each of the characters went through metamorphosis of their own and the bonds between them are stronger than ever.


9. You binge watched previous seasons more than three times – Yep, guilty as charged.

10. Soundtrack

The soundtrack is pure heaven. I often play it when working around the house, writing articles or playing with kids. Perfect mixture of late 70’s, amazing alternative and 80’s pop, and early 90’s. You have to love it!


11. Quotes in real life

If you are an obsessed fan, you do quote Stranger Things in real life from time to time, or during a binge watch while your favorite scene is on. But please, don’t become that person that acts out scenes and thinks they are in the show. Not healthy.
12. You get personally offended if someone is not a fan – it’s true, some people just don’t have any taste when it comes to Netflix shows. Non whatsoever. How sad for them.


13. Fanclub

You are active in a fanclub, forum, Quora, Reddit, Facebook group or something similar where you and those similar to you are worshiping the bunch from Hawkins.

14. D’n’D

You are so addicted you learned (or bruising up on your skills) how to play Dungeons & Dragons and have organized or been included in a session (pre – Covid 19 life).


15. Theory master

In spare time, you made a unique list of possible theories about the show and can’t wait to be proven right. It’s a fun way to predict what will happen next and how it relates to the previous seasons, but by God, don’t make this your life priority.

16. Gif master (like me)

You choose to speak only through memes and gifs of your favorite show and it’s so much fun…if other people are fans as well.

17. The end of the world as we know it

The idea that show must end one day scares you to the panic attack level. Breathe deeply, we don’t know when season 4 is coming out, let alone the end of the show.
18. Waffles – you changed your eating habits, and waffles are life now.

19. Christmas lights

You haven’t taken them down for years, haven’t you? Just don’t put the alphabet on the wall as well and you’ll be fine. For a fan.
20. Wake up! – your alarm clock is the melody from the opening scene. No? Just me?


I hope you enjoyed this list or at least got a few laughs during these terrible times. I honestly do recommend the show to everyone who likes to wander off in fantasy land and enjoy this phenomenal script and development of amazing young actors just in front of our eyes. Hopefully, we won’t wait long for season 4.


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