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26 Things All Closet Nerds Know to Be True

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1. Your personality doesn’t immediately reflect your brain.

2. You spit facts at the most random times.

3. …And your friends are like wtf?

4. You have multiple apps for news on your phone.

5. Staying informed is key.

6. You’ve spent entire weekends watching dinosaur documentaries…

7. But told everyone you were going to the spa or shopping.

8. You make it rain at trivia nights.

9. You don’t always speak your mind on certain topics…

10. Because you don’t want to be called a ‘know-it-all’.

11. You feel awful when people don’t understand things as easily as you…

12. So you pretend to not get it, either.

13. ‘What are you talking about?’ is a frequent response when you try to make jokes.

14. …Or just straight-up awkward silences.

15. You were never destined for  comedy, anyway. 

16. You were, like, the only person in your class who loved learning about quantum physics.

17. Growing up, you aspired to be an astronaut doctor of archaeology.

18. …Until you realized you can’t be all of those at once.

19. You couldn’t choose just one!

20. The Big Bang Theory is secretly your favorite show.

21. You constantly fight the urge to correct people when they’re severely wrong.

22. Everything seems to fuel your curiosity.

23. Solo outings to history and science museums are common for you.

24. Very rarely do you meet people with the same nerdy interests as you…

25. Because you just like things that are out of ‘the norm’…

26. But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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