30 Things You Did As a Kid That You Should Start Doing Again

Let’s be honest, being an adult is challenging. Having the boatload of responsibilities that comes with growing up can drain the fun out of life at times.

Working a job to pay the bills devours most of our time, leaving never enough to enjoy the excitement that comes with being a human being. There were a lot of activities we did as children that made us into better people, and I think we should start incorporating them back into our lives. Here are 30 ways you can start embracing your inner child again:

  1. Ride a bike – It’s great exercise and you save on gas. 

  2. Have a sleepover/slumber party – Time spent with friends is time well spent.

  3. Speaking of friends, create some imaginary ones – It’s creative and everyone needs someone to talk to who will listen.

  4. Participate in team sports – Cooperation and exercise; not to mention fun.

  5. Give yourself a bedtime – Not quite as fun, but definitely productive.

  6. Eat dinner with your family – And talk about your day!

  7. Eat your veggies – They are good for you, and delicious when prepared right.

  8. Share with someone – Whether it’s the homeless guy down the street, or a coworker. You’ll feel good and help someone in the process.

  9. Do some homework – Learning should be fun, and you never know when you’ll be able to use new information.

  10. Dance like an idiot – Most kids can’t dance, but they enjoy it more than anyone.

  11. Play with toys – Maybe that’s video games, or old school toys. Either way it can be relaxing.

  12. Build a fort – Everyone likes a good fort. Stay inside for hours; you can even get some work done if you want.

  13. Explore a new environment – As a kid everywhere had the potential to start an adventure.

  14. Sing terrible songs really loud – Maybe do this one in the shower.

  15. Take a bubble bath – Again, relaxing and you can make a Santa beard.

  16. Make a snowman – You’ll get to feel a sense of accomplishment. Just put the carrot in the right spot.

  17. Play a long game of tag – Running is awful, unless you are being chased.

  18. Swing on a swing set – Not sure the benefits of this besides having a good time.

  19. Draw/Color even if you aren’t good at it – It’s creative and forces you to use your imagination.

  20. Climb a tree – It’s amazing what seeing the world from a new perspective can do for you.

  21. Roll in the mud – So much of our adult life is staying clean. Stop worrying about it for a day.

  22. Learn/practice an instrument – Band class was about more than annoying you. Playing an instrument is beneficial in a lot of ways.

  23. Build something out of Legos – No using directions, only your creativity and imagination.

  24. Watch cartoons – They are funny. I just like cartoons honestly.

  25. Make new friends (not imaginary) – Learning about new people can offer insight into your own life.

  26. Laugh at/Make up stupid jokes – Because laughing reduces stress and makes you feel happy.

  27. Act before you think – Sometimes you just have to do what comes naturally, no matter what the ramifications might be.

  28. Ask more questions – But why? But why?! But why?!! Curiosity is a great thing.

  29. Dream big – Maybe you don’t want to be an astronaut, but I bet there’s something you are passionate about. Go for it.

  30. Enjoy life like a kid – stop worrying about responsibilities and take some time to enjoy being alive and everything that goes with it.