39 Thoughts While Watching Clare On The Bachelorette

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The Bachelorette seasons is here and The Bachelorette has been quite a wild ride so far. And while Clare Crawley single handedly blew up the show this season, there will be more in store for the Men that Clare left behind.

Here are thirty nine thoughts I had while watching the first four episodes of the Bachelorette.

1.) Did Clare just call Dale her Fiance at first sight when he got out of the limo?

2.) Did these two (Dale and Clare) know each other before the show started?

3.) Thirty nine is NOT old?!!!

4.) How can Bennett look good in a suit and casual wear?

5.) Does Bennett really have those many shoes?

6.) When does Bennett get his own show?

7.) Haven’t we all had a Jason in our lives?

8.) Blake could be the absolute best older brother, don’t you think?

9.) When Canadian Blake says “About”?? All the feels..

10.) Did Clare actually get rid of someone because they wanted to get to know her and did not know her magically yet?

11.) Clare is in love with Dale… after a few group dates??

12.) Dale is in love with Clare… after a few group dates??

13.) Brandon I heard you were the bachelorette and thought you were beautiful Clare: Leave Please!

14.) Dale: I heard you were the bachelorette and thought you were beautiful. Clare: Propose Please!

15.) Did Clare stare at Dale’s social media before the show started, and build him up, creating her own narrative?¬† Anyone else do that?? Successfully??

16.) Perhaps Clare’s parents getting engaged after three weeks was a pre curser to this?

17.) Clare says she has begged guys to love her. That is a brave thing to say.

18.) The look on Dale’s face when Host Chris tells him that Clare is expecting a proposal after their first night together. Dale: Can I pick up my clothes off the floor first?

19.) Clare tells the boys that she completely disrespected that she has nothing but respect for them has you going…

20.) Why does Clare cry so much ?

21.) Dale, Dale, What did Dale say about me..To the other guys on the show… MFG

22.) Clare telling the world that Dale is everything she ever wanted in a man when Clare knows nothing about him.

23.) Me wondering how Clare knows Dale so well….

24.) Me thinking Yosef had a lot of points.

25.) Clare treating the boys like meat as they play strip dodgeball. But kicks a guy off the show because he went on the show because he thought she was beautiful. AND WANTED TO GET TO KNOW HER!

26.) Clare’s response, all the other guys know me already, you need to leave.

27.) No Clare, no one knows you yet? WTF??

28.) Clare: I absolutely love you Dale. Me– You sure??? It’s been a minute. I mean.. Literally. A. Minute…

29.) Clare shocked that Dale has not run away…. yet?

30.) When Clare tells Chris the host that the Bachelorette is cancelled. No rose ceremony. Tell the boys…

31.) Dale unsure about Clare’s full name as he proposes…

32.) Clare telling Chris the Host the exact moment she fell in love with Dale. She remembers vividly… she was at home in quarantine, scrolling and checked out an instagram post he wrote about his mother.

33.) Clare telling Dale she loved him after a week. A WEEK.

34.) How Clare and Dale fell in love. Clare: I felt it. Dale: I accepted it. Voila!! Love wins.

35.) When Chris tells Dale, Clare broke up with all the other guys today. I felt Clare’s alternative reality rubbing off on the host.

36.) Chris telling Clare she is getting engaged to Dale tonight and me wondering, is Dale aware of this?!

37.) The guys acting all worried about Clare and me thinking, this is a great group of guys. And they deserve better!

38.) The bachelorette coming through for the guys with a new Bachelorette to continue the season and showing us day four of Clare and Dale’s rest of their lives together.

39.) I should rewatch the first four episodes and take a drink every time I hear Clare say “Dale”.

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