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40 Signs That Labor Day is Almost Here

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Follow these signs and you’ll be enjoying an exciting Labor Day weekend in no time:

  1. The leaves are really turning red, it’s not just a dead branch stuck up there.

  2. The Halloween candy is already picked over in the grocery store.

  3. Back to School supplies are on clearance.

  4. You can’t get a reservation at the lake; they’re booked.

  5. People are stocking up on Hershey bars, marshmallows and graham crackers.

  6. No one is using the pool.

  7. You’ve given up on your flowerpots.

  8. The dog is shedding ferociously.

  9. You took your window air conditioner out.

  10. Thanksgiving decorations are already in the drug stores.

  11. The catalogs are already stressing you out about Christmas.

  12. You finally found the perfect pair of white shorts, but you can’t wear them now.

  13. The NYS thruway is peppered with overloaded cars with university stickers.

  14. The school buses are doing their dry runs.

  15. Guidance counselors are hiding under their desks because of the barrage of parents.

  16. You haven’t uncovered the lawn furniture in a week.

  17. It’s dark already at 8:00.

  18. You need a jacket to go out to dinner.

  19. Starbucks is featuring their Pumpkin Spice Latte.

  20. Ice cream stands are out of your favorite flavor.

  21. Radio stations are doing “end of summer” mixes.

  22. The cooking shows are featuring oven dinners.

  23. Your favorite brewery is featuring the winter brews.

  24. Everyone is wearing boots again.

  25. You feel stressed that you haven’t taken the boat out “one last time.”

  26. Your hallway is laden with paraphernalia for a dorm room.

  27. You’re switching from light fruity drinks to dark, dry, red wine.

  28. The soccer coach has already called with the fall schedule.

  29. You’ve received a list of items to buy from your child’s teacher.

  30. It’s almost the playoffs in baseball.

  31. You find yourself making hot tea.

  32. The thunderstorms are furious.

  33. It’s really hurricane season.

  34. You’ve given up on achieving your bikini body for this year.

  35. You brought your sweaters to the dry cleaners.

  36. The florists are featuring mums.

  37. The apple stands are open.

  38. Suddenly, you’re craving homemade maple syrup.

  39. You feel an intrinsic urge to buy new pens.

  40. You got the school calendar.

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