5 Reasons Why you Should Buy a Musical Instrument

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A musical instrument is the most possessed asset for most people in the music career, as well those who look forward to starting. This is for the simple reason that it allows them to make music without borrowing or renting one.

Music, on the other hand, has several benefits. It is itself therapy for the brain and body’ it improves brain function, reduces stress and anxiety, and also provides relief for some illnesses such as cancer. In addition, it enhances social skills and instills a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and purpose.

If you have to procrastinate on buying a musical instrument for you or your child, here are 5 reasons why you should buy one.


1.      It allows you to improve your singing when recording music

If you want to improve on your singing, playing a musical instrument such as the guitar or piano can help you in a great way. Remember that playing an instrument complements your singing.

For instance, if you want to record music audio, you can add an audio system which to make it perfect needs an audio interface. In addition, accompany your singing with a musical instrument to help you create and arrange harmonies much better. You can then use free VST plugins to mix the sounds better and create new ones too.

2.      Playing a musical instrument improves your brain functionality

Playing a musical instrument while singing improves is equivalent to a brain workout that improves its functionality in the following ways:

·        You improve your coordination skills- This is because it combines a number of senses: vision when reading the notes, hearing, and touching as you play the musical instrument. You also need to add a rhythm to the music, which improves your motor skills.

·        You utilize both sides of the brain, which improves your memory.

·        As you read the notes, recognize them and turn them to music, you work out your cognitive, comprehension, and reading skills.

·        It improves your math skills, as you have to subconsciously count the notes and rhythms.

·        It triggers the production of the feel-good hormones that promote happiness in your life.

3.      It helps alleviate illnessesStudies have shown that music has a calming effect on the body and mind.

It has been widely used to relieve anxiety associated with illnesses such as cancer. It is also known to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Music therapy has proven to be a successful form of treating depression and other mental illnesses.

How is all this possible?

·        When you are playing music, it becomes your focus for the moment. That way you are able to forget the day’s troubles or any stressful situation you might be dealing with.

·        As you compose and sing, you get to express your emotions. It becomes a way of emptying your worries.

·        Music helps you connect with other people, which reduces the chances of isolation. Feeling isolated can be a stress trigger by itself.

4.      It creates a sense of achievement

Learning how to play a musical instrument is not an easy thing. You will fail at times and feel frustrated. When you overcome the challenges and finally nail it, there is an overwhelming sense of achievement. You feel proud of yourself and gain the confidence needed to tackle life’s challenges.

5.      It allows you to enhance your social skills

Learning to play a musical instrument is a journey that gives you an opportunity to learn several social skills.

·        At a point or the other, you might join a music group. Interacting with your bandmates improves your relational skills. You also learn about team building and leadership skills.

·        Playing for a crowd improves your confidence and you learn how to express yourself.

·        No one learns to play a musical instrument in a day. You will be required to put in time and effort as well as be patient as you perfect the art. This instills in you the importance of hard work and time management. You also learn how to persevere, be patient, and disciplined.

·        Composing a song, putting the rhythm and beats as well as adding your personality for that complete feel of owning a song improves your creativity.

·        Maintaining your musical instrument is also a part of your music journey. This instills into you a sense of responsibility.


Playing a musical instrument is a healthy hobby to pick up. It is an active activity that allows you to engage both your body and mind, bringing health benefits to you. Sure, you can borrow or rent a musical instrument, but nothing beats owning your own.


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