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6 Shows On Netflix That Helped Me Find Myself

Crazy to think that not one but multiple television series have helped me find my way and find comfort in life. These series all individually have helped me through break ups, struggles with what am I doing with my life, and other problems. Hope you can find a new show to tune into on Netflix and maybe even help you with some life problems!

  1. One Tree Hill

This is a popular favorite T.V. show for many people of all ages, between Haley and Nathan’s beautiful love story, Brooke Davis’s ability to make you believe in yourself and strive to be the best version of yourself, Peyton’s art that gives you a meaning in life, or how strong Jamie is at age 7 and his ability to smile and be a kid even when he has been through hell. One Tree Hill is a T.V. show I have tuned into more than once and everytime I find a new comfort or hope in life. Brooke Davis you are my spirit animal.

2. Grey’s Anatomy

Yet another classic for many on Netflix or who tune into ABC on Thursday nights. Whether you are in love with Mcdreamy or MCsteamy, want to have the strength the many women on the show have, or even if your heart has broken 100+ times while watching there is always hope that SOMETHING good might happen. We all miss Grey and Yang’s twisted best friendship or Meredith and Mcdreamy’s amazing love story. Grey’s Anatomy has many many sad moments but gives you hope that you will get through the rough times.

3. Gilmore Girls 

The mother daughter relationship makes you jealous but still makes you want to call your mother and become best friends. Between all the relationships, Rory’s college, the fights that Rory and Lorelai had, and everything else in between you find a comfort and wish to live in the small town of Stars Hollow, take an adventure with Logan and the life or death brigade, and a craving for a coffee at Luke’s. With the new episodes out you can’t help but take a trip down memory lane and tune back into where it all started in season 1.

4. Army Wives

Army wives was a show I skipped over a few times before I eventually tuned into binge watch this amazing series that gives you hope, love, and courage. When I first saw the title on netflix I assumed the show was reality T.V. which has never been my thing, but once I clicked on the title I came to realize it wasn’t reality T.V. and started my binge. The show brings tears to your eyes more times than not, both happy and sad tears. It also gives you a full heart with the amount of love in the show. But importantly it gives you an understanding about what military families go through in their everyday lives. I give my heart to those who go through those struggles but also a huge THANK YOU to those who serve our country.

5. Gossip Girl 

Now if you are like me you read the Gossip Girls books when you were in middle school and once you found out the show was on netflix you binge watched the show. This show makes you fall in love with the upper east side life (or hate it depending on the day). You learn many lessons on friendships, family, and most importantly love. The hope that maybe the bad boy WILL indeed turn out to be the good guy.

6. Shameless

Last but definitely not least! The latest show I have found myself binge watching, Shameless. Between the comfort you find from the fact that those kids are making it after growing up in a shitty life style and having nothing. Lip goes to college, Fiona runs a restaurant, Carl heads to military school, and Ian getting a job as an EMT. They are overcoming all the struggles they had growing up and everything else. AND of course you can’t help but fall in love with Lip ;).