7 Most Popular Slot Themes to Play Today

Compared to the old-school slot games of yesteryear, those of 2023 are only technically the same thing. They are barely a distant cousin, really considering how the gameplay is just on an entirely different level.

The graphics are Pixar-worthy. The different ways you can win include major jackpots running into the millions, and the bonuses look like a cut scene from your favorite AAA video game title. The experience is almost cinematic.

Perhaps one of the greatest advancements, however, isn’t technology-based, but in how developers capture our imaginations. The slots with a lever and a selection of fruits and 7s just don’t cut it. They are now very much theme-driven. These are the most popular themed slots on the market today.

Vikings and Valhalla

The last decade or so has brought a true renaissance for the Scandinavian scoundrels of days past. For those who love historical themes mixed with a little bit of mythology, it’s time to try Viking-themed pokies. For example, Book of Vikings is a flagship title that offers 10 pay lines, free spins and bonus features, and familiar themes of conquest and battle.

There are several key reasons why Vikings are in vogue. There’s the multiple television series, with Vikings starring Travis Fimmel, for instance, an absolute binging must-watch. And of course, there’s the Marvel juggernaut, Thor among many other titles.

Candy (Crush?)

We have a slight inkling as to why candy-themed slots are immensely popular today. Hint, hint: there’s a huge video game with the word Crush attached at the end. With the game boasting millions of players, it’s easy to understand why casinos have jumped on the bandwagon.

There are slots based on sweet treats, but you also have chocolate-based slots (yes, we’re counting this as candy!). And some titles try to link with Willy Wonka, making the games slightly different from the OG movies and books, but still building that relationship with the popular character.

Christmas (and Beyond!)

Some people really do wish it could be Christmas every day. There’s something about that time of year, families getting together, presents under the tree, stuffing ourselves with turkey and eggnog.

But as we all know, those who like to unwind with a little bit of gambling, also take the opportunity to bet on Christmas-themed slots. Around the holidays, they’re incredibly popular and dominate online casinos. But even outside Christmas, players still often opt for good old Santa for their spins.

Game Shows

Many of us would love to take part in a game show. There’s just a tiny little problem: the potential of being embarrassed in front of a national television audience. That’s why we tend to go for alternatives, like playing an ultra-competitive board game with family, for example.

Casinos have latched onto the game show theme in a big, big way. The most recent trend is leveling up live casino options beyond traditional roulette or blackjack. Players now also have the choice of loading several game show live games, some of which mimic the familiar gameplay of shows like Wheel of Fortune or Deal or No Deal.

Ancient Rome

The most advanced civilization, the greatest empire, and one of the best movies Hollywood has ever produced: Gladiator. Thousands of years after the fall of Rome, the obsession continues.

There are several big-name titles that are ever-present in most casinos. You have Gladiator, of course, with the thematic links to Russell Crowe more than obvious. Or how about Caesar’s Empire, a game based on one of the most interesting historical figures?

Luck of the Irish

Considering the thematic elements of Irish lore, it’s easy to see why online casinos have many different slots that implement this theme. We all dream of finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and having the luck of the Irish.

Many have overlapping thematic points, including leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold, shamrocks, and even pints of Guinness! This theme is probably one that will stick around for a long time, resistant to annual Hollywood trends.


Whether you’re based in the United States, England, Argentina, Australia, or Nigeria, it’s likely that you’re not only into placing a bet every once in a while but also a fan of a particular sport.

Casinos have tapped into this demand, creating games based on football, basketball, soccer, cricket, baseball, you name it. You can even play slots based on sports video games, like football manager!

These are just a few of the themes casinos focus on. There are plenty more. You may be into superheroes or comic book characters; you’ll find plenty of Justice League and Suicide Squad-based slots. Or you may be an avid movie-goer, there’s something there for you too, including slots based on Terminator II and the Goonies.

In short, no matter what themes are right up your alley, casinos will undoubtedly have a wide selection of slots that will stifle your boredom.