7 Things You Need For the Ultimate "Netflix and Chill" Night

At it’s most basic, the concept behind a Netflix and Chill night is pretty simple: rather than having to get dressed up and go out, you and your (boyfriend, girlfriend, fuck buddy, whatever), simply stay in, lounge out on the couch, and watch a movie. In reality, though, it’s really more of a metaphor for staying in and hooking up – Netflix is probably way less important than a pack of condoms (re-engineered or not).

That doesn’t mean that you’re simply going to jump each other's bones the second you’re alone and the lights are out. You still need to of through the motions, as part of the popularity of the Netflix and Chill night is setting the right mood. Which means you’ll need to be prepared:

Pick a Movie to Set the Mood.

Before he or she comes over, pick a movie that will set the mood. Sappy rom-coms are fine, maybe even a horror movie – whatever will get you cuddled up and close. But make the selection in advance, rather than doing it together and risk them making a bad choice – the last thing you want is to find out that your partner gets aroused by watching The Human Centipede Part 2

Condoms by the Couch.

If the movie is going to be watched in a living room, make sure you have a few condoms by the couch, so as one things eventually leads to another, you don’t have to ruin the mood by getting up, going to the bedroom and rummaging through your nightstand draws at the worst possible time. Keep an opened box of LELO HEX™, the condom that just set the internet on fire last week, somewhere within arms reach of where you’ll be on the couch, so you keep the excitement going.


Any adult beverage is fair game for a night in, with wine being the most popular choice among the Netflix and chill crowd. Just make sure to pace yourself – dimmed light, a comfy couch, massage oil (see tips for perfect partner massage technique), big fluffy blankets…you don’t want to fall asleep before the real fun begins. Make sure you’ve prepared the second thing we mentioned and then you can relax with your drink of choice, cause afterwards your mind fizzles.

Food Delivery.

Dinner in is a must, but don’t go to the trouble of cooking – this is supposed to be a relaxing night. Order in.

Condoms by the Bed.

Long after you’ve hit the pause button on the movie and have gotten busy on the couch, you’ll likely move to the bedroom for round two. You’re not going to want to race back to the living room for protection – keep another opened box of these condoms that don’t slip, don’t break and don’t reduce pleasure near the bed as well. It looks cool (never thought we'd say that about condoms, to be honest). Because safe sex is something you don’t compromise with.

A Great Excuse to Get Rid of Them.

Once the sex is over and you’re satisfied, you may not really want the other person to hang around much longer (especially if he or she is just a fuck buddy). So make sure you have a great excuse ready – an early tennis, your roommate’s coming back any second – it really doesn’t what you come up with, just as long as they get out, fast.

A Pint of Ice Cream and the Rest of the Wine.

You’ve had your orgasm(s), he or she is long gone, and you’ve got the place to yourself – time to grab a pint of ice cream, pour yourself another glass of wine, camp back out on the couch and actually enjoy the rest of the movie you started watching.