Straight From the Horse’s Mouth…Ten Fun Facts from an Animal Communicator

What I do as an animal communicator is definitely different for a lot of people, and I totally get it! If you had told me ten years ago this would be my job I wouldn’t have believed it, but I am so grateful that I have the opportunity every day to give animals a voice and to help pet parents feel more connected to the animals they adore. It is an honor and a privilege to do this work.

I connect with animals that are living, or in spirit, and I do so with a picture that their human provides along with a list of questions they want me to ask in a reading. I can work with animals around the world since I do not need to be in the same room with them. Energy is everywhere, and I am a soul connecting to a soul, which basically means my energy connects with the animals. I actually prefer not to be in the same room with the animal I’m talking to because it can be more distracting for me. When I go into a session I get very quiet and meditative so that I can focus extremely hard on the pictures, words, and feelings that come to me. Every communicator has its way and unique system, and this is mine. They are all right! It’s simply individual preference. I know my kids think it is cooler to be in the same room with the animal, but I love not being limited by proximity, and being able to work with animals and their people all over the world.

I can promise you one thing…nothing gets by your animals! They without a doubt understand everything going on in your home and in your life. Here are a few interesting and fun details from readings.

1. Animals remember their dreams

In a recent reading, someone asked me what their dog dreamed about. I saw something I’d never seen before when I saw this golden doodle puppy holding a banana and peeling it like a human would. I have learned to not second guess anything, and to trust everything that I see and hear from the animals, even though this sounded strange!

When I reported back to his mom she started laughing…he doesn’t get human food, but once he was able to get a banana from off the counter. When she came into the room the peel was on the floor and the puppy was licking his lips. I guess he loved it and dreams of having more!


2. Animals definitely notice their surroundings

In my training I had volunteers ask me verifiable questions, meaning they knew the answers and were basically testing my abilities for a grade. When I asked a horse named Red what was hanging in his stall next to the door he showed me a picture of him with his owner. I had no idea if that was a “horse thing” or not, to have pictures of yourself with your horse in their stall, but I jotted it down. When I reported this answer to Red’s mom she was stunned! In her mind, she was thinking of a salt lick, but right next to the salt lick is a framed picture of Red and his mom drawn by a young girl that is frequently at the barn. Red’s mom framed it and hung it up in the stall. That is what Red wanted to point out and it was an incredible detail holding so much meaning.


3. Sometimes pet parents have to think about the details I give!

Animals give details of their whole lives, not just what happened last week, so sometimes parents have to digest a few details and think about them. Other times pet parents are surprised by what they hear. A few months ago I was talking to an animal in spirit, and his mom wanted verification on what his favorite toy was. I immediately saw a parrot in my head. Random, but I never censor or second guess. When I reported back his mom was adamant that he didn’t have a parrot. Of course, I didn’t argue, but I was certain without a doubt that is what I saw! We moved on to other things and the reading was great. About an hour later I got the best email…she was telling her sister about the reading and guess what? The dog used to spend a ton of time at her sister’s house while she went to work, and his favorite toy at her house was A PARROT! She sent me a picture of a small stuffed parrot which totally made me smile.

4. Animals know what their life purpose is

This is a very popular question that people ask a lot, and the answers are often emotional. One dog told me that he was here to help his mom through depression and an eating disorder. Relaying that definitely required tissues for the mom and me.

5. Every animal has a unique personality

Just like people, every animal is different. Some are more serious and some are funny. Some give me information mostly in pictures, and others mostly with words. I have never laughed so hard in a reading as I did talking to two female guinea pigs. They were hysterical, bickering like two old ladies and fighting about which corner of the cage to poop in!


6. Animals can mirror physical symptoms of their owners

We are very emotionally connected to our animals, and they love us with everything they have. They can easily pick up on our emotions, and even things happening with us physically. Occasionally in readings animals will make me feel physical symptoms (I feel them in my own body during the reading) and then they let me know if it is something they feel in their own body or it is something they notice in their owner. I have had cats make me feel anxiety and even acid reflux which their owner confirmed they deal with.

7. Sometimes pet parents have to help me interpret

Communication isn’t foolproof! I am pretty accurate but sometimes I need pet parents to help connect the dots. I am shown things in my head in ways that make sense to me and things that I can draw on from my own life and interpret. Here’s an example that happened recently with a dog. His mom asked what his favorite toy was (I get this one a lot!) and I saw two things. One was a ball that bounced really high, not a tennis ball, but more like a rubber bouncy ball. His mom confirmed that he loves his moon ball that bounced super high. I also saw what looked to me like a stuffed hot dog toy because I saw a white “bun” with something in the middle. His favorite stuffed toy is actually a fish taco. I thought it looked like a bun, but it was a white tortilla. I needed a little help with that one!

8. Animals pick up on everyone and everything in the home

I have had animals tell me about their owner’s miscarriage, the kids’ learning disabilities, that their owner is looking for a new job, or just ended a relationship…you name it.


9. Animals like to collaborate with you

I am not a dog trainer, but I can help gather information on behavior issues and discuss them with the animal. They are usually excited to come up with code words, reward plans, and talk about why it is important to change a behavior. This isn’t always a quick fix, but it can certainly help!


10. Animals are not afraid of death like humans are

Every animal that I have talked to about this, whether it is near the end of their life, or they have already crossed over, pretty much says the same thing. They understand that dying is part of the circle of life. They are not afraid. Their humans shouldn’t feel guilty and they don’t want them to be sad. They aren’t scared of this phase of their journey.

As you can see the animals certainly keep me on my toes! I never know what I am going to get, and every reading is so unique. I feel really lucky to do this, and I am grateful to all the animals and pet parents that put their trust in me.

About The Author

Ali is incredibly passionate about communicating with animals. She considers it a huge honor to help animals have a voice and to help deepen the bonds between animals and their families.

Ali communicates intuitively with animals, which means she mentally sends and receives thoughts, images, and emotions to and from the animals. Ali doesn’t need to be in the same place as the animal. She typically works from a picture only.

Animal Communication can be helpful in many instances with pets of all kinds and is guaranteed to improve and deepen your relationships with your animal. Here are a few examples:

  • Help Behavior Problems – fear, aggression, separation anxiety, unwanted behaviors
  • Enhance Training
  • Address Quality of Life Issues – find out what your animal wants and needs to be happier, bond with your animal
  • Get Assistance During Illness and Death
  • Get Help Introducing Animals to Each Other & Adopting Animals – find out about a rescued animal’s past
  • Understand your pet’s life purpose
  • Learn about your pet’s past life

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