Vegan Celebrity Quotes That Will Make You Rethink Your Diet

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What Famous People Are Vegan?

Fun Facts, Ryan Gosling is a vegan and refused to wear a leather jacket while filming Blade Runner 2049. Instead he wore a stunning vegan leather jacket by Renee April. The material? Laminated Cotton. Here is a list of some famous celebrity vegans and their quotes. Perhaps you have been considering a vegan diet? Here are some inspirational quotes to  motivate you to put the animals first and to keep them off of your plate.

Michelle Pfeiffer- (Actress)

“Eating A Vegan Diet- It’s Just So Much Healthier- And You Avoid A Lot Of Toxins That Could Age Your Skin And Your Body, I Really Noticed A Difference In My Skin Not Too Long After Switching To Fully Vegan.”

Joaquin Phoenix- (Actor)

“It Takes Nothing Away From A Human To Be Kind To An Animal”

Tony Kanal (Musician)

“I’ve Always Just Loved Animals And You Just Start Making The Connection Between What You’re Eating And What Happens To These Poor Animals And Once You Start Making Those Connections And Realizing The Truth Behind What You’re Eating, It Just, There Wasn’t Any Other Option For Me.”

Alicia Silverstone (Actress, Entrepreneur)

“Being Vegan Helped Me Realize I Can Say And Do What I Believe Is Right. That’s Powerful.


Moby (Musician, Author)

“Could You Look At An Animal In The Eyes And Say To It: ‘My Appetite Is More Important Than Your Suffering’?”


Liam Hemsworth (Actor)

{For My} “Own Health And After All The Information Gathered About The Mistreatment Of Animals, I Couldn’t Continue To Eat Meat.”


Natalie Portman (Actress)

“Eating For Me Is How You Proclaim Your Beliefs Three Times A Day. That Is Why All Religions Have Rules About Eating. Three Times A Day, I Remind Myself That I Value Life And Do Not Want To Cause Pain To Or Kill Other Living Beings. That Is Why I Eat The Way That I Do.”


Tobey Maguire (Actor)

“It’s Never Really Been That Hard For Me. I’ve Never Had Any Desire To Eat Meat. In Fact, When I Was A Kid I Would Have A Really Difficult Time Eating Meat At All”.


Lewis Hamilton (Athlete)

“Every Bit Of Meat, Chicken, Or Fish You Eat, Every Bit Of Leather Or Fur You Wear Has Come From An Animal That Has Been Tortured, Pulled Away From Their Families And Brutally Killed.”


Jared Leto (Actor, Musician)

“Twenty Solid Years Of Eating, Vegetarian/Vegan And Taking Care Of Myself.. That Probably Helps The Preservation Process.”


Ariana Grande (Musician)

“I Love Animals More Than I Love Most People, Not Kidding.”


Ellen Page (Actress, Activist)

“Why Are Vegans Made Fun Of While The Inhumane Factory Farming Process Regards Animals And The Natural World Merely As Commodities To Be Exploited For Profit”?


Kat Von D (Entreprenuer, Celebrity Figure)

“Years Of Cultural Programming Have Taught Us To LoveSome Animals While Eating Others, When In All Reality, All Animals Are Sentient Beings With The Capacity To Feel Both Physically And Emotionally.”


Olivia Wilde (Actress)

“I Am Really Honored, And Very Inspired To Continue Living The Vegan Lifestyle That Has Been So Good To My Body, My Animal Friends, And The World We Live In.”


Jessica Chastain (Actress)

“I’m A Vegan, I Don’t Want To Torture Anything, I Guess It’s About Trying To Live A Life Where I’m Not Contributing To The Cruelty In The World.”


Jenna Dewan-Tatum (Actress)

“I Remember Very Clearly The Day My Mom Made Chicken Fingers, I Was Like, ‘Wait, This Was Alive? This Had Parents? I’m Not Eating It Anymore.”


Justin Timberlake (Musician, Actor)

“If You Knew How Meat Was Raised”


James Cromwell (Activist, Actor)

“I’m An Animal Rights Activist Because I Believe We Won’t Have A Planet If We Continue To Behave Toward Other Species The Way We Do.”


Morrissey (Musician)

“Nobody Can Possibly Be So Hungry That They Need To Take A Life In Order To Feel Satisfied- They Don’t After All, Take A Human Life, So Why Take The Life Of An Animal? Both Are Conscious Beings With The Same Determination To Survive, It Is Habit, And Laziness And Nothing Else.”


Emily Deschanel (Actress)

“People Don’t Think About How Each Of These Animals That We Call Dinner Have The Same Kinds Of Personalities As Our Dogs And Cats.”


Mena Suvari (Fashion Designer, Actress, Entrepreneur)

“You’re Doing A Good Thing For The Environment, You’re Doing A Good Thing For The Animals And You’re Saving A Lot Of Money.” (Songwriter, Musician, Activist)

“It Took Me Ten Days To Drop My Cholesterol, I Lost Eight Pounds, My Blood Pressure Came Down. In Ten Days My Skin Cleared Up And My Breathing Was Right.”


Patrick Baboumian (Athlete)

“What Actually Happened Was The Opposite Of Everything I Had Expected. My Athletic Performance Stayed Stable And Even Improved In The Long Run. Today I Am Significantly Stronger Than I Used To Be. And My Wellbeing Improved Fundamentally.”


Carrie Underwood (Musician)

“I Stopped Eating All Meat A Few Years Ago. I Would Feel Guilty That What Was On My Plate Was Walking Around Yesterday. Either I Could Live With That Or Stop Eating Meat. I Chose The Latter, And I’m Happier For It.”


Ava DuVernay (Filmmaker)

“Like Many Food Trends, That Seem New, Black Veganism Has Historic Roots.”


Ellen Pompeo (Actress)

“You Just Have To Get The Vegetables, But Vegetables Stay Good For A Week- And I Think We All Feel Better.”


Peter Dinklage (Actor)

“Thats The Funny Thing, People Think That It’s More Expensive And Harder To Find, But It’s Truly Less Expensive And Very Easy To Find.”


Erykah Badu (Musician, Songwriter)

“Vegan Food Is Soul Food In It’s Truest Form. Soul Food Means To Feed The Soul. And To Me, Your Soul Is Your Intent.”


Mayim Bialik (Actress)

After reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals, “It Was Really After That Book That I Had Both The Education And The Confidence And The Personal Conviction To Be Able To Say I Don’t Know Where To Draw The Line Anymore, So I’m Not Going To Draw It.”


Bryan Adams (Musician)

“I’m Not For The Killing Of Any Creatur, Whether It Be Seals, Cows, Dogs, Anything As I’m Totally Against Animal Cruelty. I Don’t Eat Or Wear Animals, So I’m Opposed To Fur And Any Other Kind Of Animal Products.”


Cory Booker (Politician)

“I Want To Continue To Be A Part Of A Movement Of Folks Who Are Fighting Against Corporate Interests That Are Undermining The Public Good And The Public Welfare.”



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