Ariana Grande's Diva Behavior Continues At Marie Claire Photoshoot

Ever since her rise in popularity this year, 21 year old pop star Ariana Grande has been known for her “diva” behavior. It is rumored that she once said she wished all of her fans would “f-ng die” and that she requests that she is only photographed from the left side. Now sources are saying that she acted like a “monster” on the set of her Marie Claire photoshoot.

Rumor is that she arrived late with her mother, repeatedly complained about her hair and was rude to the staff working on the shoot. Grande hasn’t done much yet to earn a diva reputation. She mostly known for her role on the popular Nickelodeon show “Sam and Cat”, which was canceled earlier this year. The show was rumored to be canceled because Grande demanded a higher salary. Her songs, “Problem” and “Bang Bang” have been blowing up the music charts though.  But Grande’s talent can’t stop people from speaking out about her diva behavior. A reporter even said that Grande stopped their interview when he asked her about other celebrities and would only talk about herself. “First I asked about Demi Lovato, and she stopped the interview and asked me not to ask questions about Demi. In the same interview she stopped me again when I asked about [former Nickelodeon co-star] Victoria Justice and said she wouldn’t answer questions about her,” the reporter said. Ariana is also a diva about her hair, reportedly having it dyed every three days and insisting on making her famous ponytail look perfect everyday.

It’s understandable that Ariana is still very young and may not be able to handle all of her fame. With time maybe she will learn how to be gracious and obliging to her fans and the people that helped make her who she is.We rarely hear about this type of behavior from megastars like Beyonce and Rihanna. Maybe Grande can learn a thing or two from them.