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Getting Likes On Pucker TV An Interview With Host Sarah Scoop

Want To Be Liked?

Spacemob Studio and Pucker TV, a new CTV Channel currently accessible through Roku TV, Amazon Fire and Apple TV have joined forces to create a new reality show starring social media influencer Sarah Ruhlman of
The show titled Getting Likes is hosted by Ruhlman, who uses her expertise as a successful social media influencer, along with guest experts-to help people overhaul their personal and professional social media accounts.
Have you ever had a #SocialMediaFail? We sat down with Sarah to learn more about her, the show Getting Likes and what makes a #SocialMediaSucess.

1 What is your background? How long have you been an influencer and what were you doing prior?

Before becoming a full time lifestyle blogger and social media influencer I was a teacher. I taught first grade and was also a part time reading teacher.


2 What made you decide to become an influencer? And how long have you been doing it?

I always knew I wanted to do something a little different. So when I was in college I started learning more about blogs and started my own.  I had so much fun with it, but wasn’t sure how I would turn it into a career. I kept managing it while I was teaching and after a few amazing opportunities I decided to take the leap to put more focus on SarahScoop.


3 What are the most common mistakes you see people make when handling their own social media ?

A lot of people don’t post consistently or they give up too quickly! It is important to remember it can take years and years of hard work, so never give up! I think the best way to make sure you stay consistent is to plan ahead. There are many apps and tools you can use to create a content calendar for your instagram. By doing so, you can create the look, feel, and message that you want your account to represent. And you won’t have to worry daily about what to post. Planning ahead can really help you stay on track.


4 What attracted you to Puckermob and The Getting Likes Show ?

I loved the idea of being able to help people navigating the world of social media. It can be very overwhelming and I was excited to help people figure out their goals and set ideas in motion.

5 If you could tell yourself one thing before you started to become an influencer, what would it be ? What is the one thing you had to learn the hard way ?

I would tell myself to stay focused and not get overwhelmed by what others are doing. It is easy to compare yourself, especially online. So I definitely think it is important to focus on your own success and encourage others along the way.  There is room for everyone with a dream and little hard work.

6 What are your hobbies ?

I actually love my job and working on Sarah Scoop so while it is work it is also still a hobby. I like to spend time with friends and family, travel, go to movies, read books, etc.

7 Where do you see yourself in ten years ?