Getting the Most From the Music You Love: 8 Tips

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It can sometimes feel like you can’t squeeze any more out of your favorite songs. Fortunately, that isnt the case. With a little creativity, you can refresh your top tracks and artists. 

How? Here’s a look at eight tips to get the most from the music you love.


1. Hit Replay More Than Once

Your favorite artist recently released a new album. But when you listen, you’re surprised to realize you’re not a fan. This experience may happen because they’ve tried a new sound or collaborated with different musicians. In any case, your brain has a negative response to things you’ve never encountered before. The mere-exposure effect applies to music, too.

Try to listen to songs and albums more than once. They’ll likely grow on you — and if they don’t, you can always say you tried.


2. Create a Better Environment

Did you know your senses can affect how you listen to music? It’s tough to focus on various notes and keys within a song when your eyes and ears aren’t focused. An effort to create a better environment should make your favorite artists sound better. If you want to dig deeper into your playlists, it’s smart to look for a quiet and dark space. This way, you won’t be distracted by your senses.

You may even pick up on a few elements you’ve never noticed before.


3. Upgrade Stereos and Other Gear

If you’re an avid music listener, it’s necessary to have a proper setup. From record players to wireless headphones, you’ll want to explore your options. This equipment doesn’t have to be expensive, either. For example, you could spend $100 to install new car speakers. As long as you install your system correctly you’ll be able to hear your music like you’ve never experienced.

You can consider other equipment, too.


4. Research Each Song’s Lyrics

It’s not always clear what a singer says on any given track. There are also occasions when you may not understand a reference or meaning. A song’s lyrics can supply further insight into your favorite artist’s intentions when they made a specific song or album. A website like Genius details lyrics alongside explanations to give you a better look at various tracks. 

As a result, it’s much easier to grasp those tricky concepts.


5. Jump Into Recommended Artists

A streaming platform like Spotify or Apple Music can introduce you to new artists. These apps will make recommendations based on your history. Therefore, you’ll be able to discover new songs and albums. On Spotify, you can search your favorite musician or band to find a section called “Fans Also Like.” This portion shows artists you may also want to explore.

For example, you’ll see suggestions for The Animals, Janis Joplin and The Doors when searching for The Rolling Stones. These ideas can help you learn more about a person or group. As aresult, you can expand your musical horizons.

6. Explore Different Curated Playlists

You shouldn’t be afraid to open your mind to new music. Like recommended artists, your streaming platform probably offers curated playlists. These collections have a more personal aspect to them since they reflect your favorites. For instance, you may love Taylor Swift and Maroon 5. Spotify’s “Unwind 00s” playlist will likely show up on your homepage because you listen to them.

These playlists contain songs from your most played artists. Plus, they offer similar tracks you may or may not like. As a result, you can comfortably explore different sounds.

7. Look for a Live Version

There’s a reason why musicians perform live. It’s a more intimate chance for them to display their raw talent to their fans. This experience gives you an insightful look at your favorite songs. There’s a reason why John Mayer’s “Free Fallin'” cover has 98 million views on YouTube. If you’ve never seen a specific singer or band’s concert, you should look into their live performances.

8. Use Several Media Platforms

You don’t have to pay for Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal — but you shouldn’t limit yourself to one platform, either. There are several other websites and apps that offer a different approach. From Youtube to SoundCloud to Bandcamp, you can create a greater experience when you use multiple resources. You may discover a remix or cover that you wouldn’t have found if you didn’t look on another service.

Consider These Tricks for a New Look at Your Favorite Artists

Your listening experience doesn’t have to be singular. In fact, you should take steps to broaden your musical tastes. This way, you can better enjoy your favorite songs and albums. Elements like curated playlists, sound systems and different environments make a significant difference.

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