How to Set Up the Perfect Spring Bonfire

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It’s finally spring! With the warmer weather and the later evenings, it’s time to get outside and enjoy it all. What better way to kick off the spring season than with a bonfire?


Bonfires are a great way to gather friends and family together for a fun-filled night with food, games, relaxation and conversation by the fire. Plus, since this activity is outside, it’s easier to follow social distancing guidelines and stay safe and healthy.


For this article’s purpose, you’ll learn how to set up the perfect spring bonfire, planning and guests included for a seasonal bash.

Choose a Theme

One of the advantages of planning a bonfire is that you can keep it simple with a few backyard games and traditional campfire foods, or kick it up a notch and make it a themed event! Spruce up your backyard with spring florals, or bring the beach to your backyard with some tiki torches. 


Here are some other great bonfire themes for your spring bonfire: 


● Brunch By the Bonfire
● Glow in the Dark
● Easter
● Farewell to Winter
● Camping or Glamping
● Adults Only


Choose a theme that your guests will love and enjoy. As long as there are food and a bonfire, everyone will have a great time at your event. Once you choose a theme, you can pick a location like your backyard or a campsite and send out invitations to your guests. Ensure you follow any rules and regulations if you choose to have your bonfire at a rented camp.

Gather These Must-Have Items

There are some things that you need for a bonfire. Of course, you need a fire. Besides the obvious, here are some other items to include in your list of things to purchase or gather:

● Seating: You need to make sure that you have something for your guests to sit on or have them bring their own camping chair. You can rent chairs for an evening or even set out blankets for guests to sit on.
● Beverages, Ice and a Cooler: Keep your guests hydrated all night long. Make sure you have plenty of water and other choices as well. For an adult evening, you can add in alcoholic drinks, but make sure there are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages as well.
● Food: Whether you choose food to match a theme, have traditional bonfire foods or have a potluck, let your guests leave with full stomachs. 
● Marshmallow Skewers: What’s a bonfire without roasting some marshmallows? While this isn’t necessary, most guests will likely expect it! 
● Tables: Guests will need a place to set items, and you’ll need a place to put all of the food. A few folding tables or picnic tables will work fine. Put some inexpensive tablecloths over them to keep them from getting dirty. 
● Light: A bonfire happens at night — ensure there’s plenty of light so people can maneuver around your space.
● Extra Wood: Make sure you have plenty of firewood to last you all evening. The firewood you get should be from a local area to ensure you don’t bring any invasive species into your backyard.
● Silverware and Plates: Unless you can eat all of your foods with your hands, you’ll need some silverware and plates, as well as napkins.
● Trash Bags: You certainly don’t want to have to clean up the morning after your bonfire, so put out plenty of trash bags and cans for your guests to throw away their garbage.
● Bug Repellent: With spring comes warm weather. With warm weather comes insects. Prevent painful and annoying bug bites by getting some repellent for your guests.


You might think of other items to gather for your bonfire, but this list provides a good start for your bonfire essentials.

Set Up and Build the Fire (Or Have Someone Do It For You!)

Before your guests arrive, you want to get your bonfire going so it’s warm and roaring when people begin to get there. If you don’t know much about building fires, find a friend or neighbor who knows how to build a fire safely. They can help you build, maintain and extinguish your fire at the end of the evening. If you do know how to build a fire, then great!


Some hosts may want to be able to relax the whole evening and enjoy company with friends and family. If that’s your style, consider hiring a fire butler service. These services are designed to send a crew to deliver and set up a fire ring and maintain a fire all evening without you having to lift a finger or a log.

Enjoy Your Spring Bonfire

Whether you choose to have a relaxing night by the fire or a whole party with yard games and music, a bonfire is a perfect way to start the spring season. Besides having fun, the most essential part is to remember fire safety so everyone can enjoy the night comfortably. 

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