Key points to consider when playing online roulette

With a multitude of online casinos now at our fingertips, playing casino games is easier than ever before – and, one of the most popular of these is online roulette. So, whether you’re a roulette novice or simply looking for some handy advice, here are a few key things to consider when playing roulette online.

Learn the rules of the game at hand

This might go without saying – but it’s worth saying anyway — the most important thing to do before playing online roulette is to learn the rules! Betting is meant to be fun, but it should also be considered and informed, so do your research into the rules of the game before spending any hard-earned cash.

There are three main types of in-person roulette – American, European, and French – though, technically, French roulette is merely a variation of the European game. Confusingly, these denotations can refer to the wheel, the table, or the rules – and, each combination is best suited to a different style of game.

Of course, this typically applies to physical casinos but if you opt to play online roulette at Betfair Casino, you can play games like European Roulette, Spin ’till you Win, Classic Roulette, and so on, which riff off the variety of roulette styles available.

Nevertheless, it can be helpful to understand the variations in the rules beforehand, as it might give you the edge in choosing the type of roulette most suitable for you.

Ignore any prompts for what might come next

Online roulette is completely random – it’s down to luck – however, some games might suggest certain numbers that are due to come up next. This is based on what numbers have previously come up, and the supposed odds of that number being selected on the next spin.

However, in order to mirror the randomness of in-person roulette, online roulette platforms operate using a random number generator (RNG). An RNG is a computer program used in everything from online casinos and cryptocurrency to security and statistics, generating random numbers that do not follow a sequence.

Unless you are playing a live dealer gamer, a game of online roulette will most likely utilise an RNG – a pseudo-random number generator, to be exact – to promote fairer play.

With this in mind, remember that, like in-person roulette, online roulette doesn’t follow a pattern, so try to pay no mind to any pop-up prompts that suggest otherwise.

What are the odds?

Each online roulette game will boast different odds, as will each bet. Essentially, the odds denote how likely it is to win on that specific game, or by placing a specific bet. In addition, each game should detail how you get paid, how winnings are calculated, and so on.

For example, some platforms might only let you withdraw money once it hits a minimum payout – whereas some might have a minimum spend – so it is important that you familiarise yourself with these details. By examining the odds, you can better weigh up each decision, making more informed choices during the game.

And there you have it – just a few things to keep in mind when playing online roulette. Remember, do your research, make considered decisions, and have fun!