Over a Decade Later: What the Cast of 'Recess' Might Be Doing as College Students

No true 90’s kids can’t forget Recess, the animated series with those six lovable elementary students and their hilarious adventures at school, particularly in their recess playground that’s a brilliant representation of a hierarchy system. Let’s not forget their awesome faculty including the no-nonsense Miss Finster, the eccentric Miss Grotke, and hilarious Principal Prickly.

As much as we love those vibrant characters as kids, at some point you may have wondered what they’re be up to today, if cartoon characters aged the same as people do in real life . Well, we’re got a few ideas:

T.J. Detweiler

He was the clever out-going 4th grader who always had a scheme up his sleeve. Today, T.J. would still be a little mischievous, becoming the ultimate prankster in college. In fact, his Youtube video of smearing wasabi under Gus’ nose would hold a spot on MTV’s Pranked. But despite his mischievous nature, T.J. still has a charm to him. He’d be a host at College Humor and sport a casual wardrobe, but not without his signature red baseball cap of course.

Ashley Spinelli

Known as the toughest kid on the show (and arguably cartoon history), Spinelli would be a UFC fanatic, having a vintage punk rock style. Midnight breakfast during finals week is one of her favorite things in the world almost as much as being Ms. Sassy. Also, Spinelli goes to therapy for anger management and is dating T.J. She’d most likely be coaching young kids in sports and chilling with her friends at bars on her spare time. 

Gretchen Grundler

The smartest and wisest of the group, Gretchen would most likely be an engineering major in college and a lifesaver to her friends when it comes to their math classes. She’d have an outgoing introvert style to her and would keep her girly look wearing flowery dresses time to time. On her spare time, she enjoys going to robot conventions and having café lunches with Spinelli.

Mikey Blumberg

He’s still the big teddy bear we all love and would exhibit a hipster style. Mikey would be an English literature major in college, reading his work at poetry readings. His perfect Friday night is cider with pizza. Mikey’s playlist includes Disney songs and Broadway musicals. He’s also working towards performing in theater musicals from time to time.

Vince LaSalle

This egotistical athlete would be a star basketball player at his college, being well on his way to playing professionally. He’d be quite the ladies’ man with an urban chic style to him and T.J.’s right hand man in hosting the best house parties. Unfortunately, he tends to be too much of a partier and was once found wasted on a couch in the lounge. He’s a LeBron fan as well as a lover of The Weekend and sometimes plays drinking games with Spinelli.

Gus Griswald

Our adorkable army boy would be the ultimate Illuminati theorist, often having arguments with Vincent regarding the mainstream artists he listens to. He struggles with anxiety at times and majored in political science, sporting a clean cut style and interning at a government organization. In his spare time, he goes to Fleet Foxes concerts with Vincent and watches military films on Netflix.