Sawed-Off Skins in Counter-Strike 2 and CS:GO: Prices and Design

Sawed-Off is a standard shotgun that deals incredible damage in close range combat. Although the shotgun is not always accurate, it combines a huge dispersion and a low rate of fire. It is for this reason that csgo sawed off is only suitable for killing a target instantly, otherwise the weapon can simply fail.

With the release of CS2, many users have queried what will happen to their favorite skins. The developers of the game have assured gamers that in the new version the maps will become more detailed, the graphics will improve, and the skins will be transferred automatically. At the same time, the skins will become more colorful and visually spectacular. Let’s look at some examples.

On the surface of the receiver and forearm, blue paint has been applied as a background. The buttstock is painted black, the inside of the trigger guard is painted orange, and the magazine plug is painted turquoise. On the surface of the background, there is a picture depicting an octopus located on the surface of the sea, and waves also adorn the surface of the receiver and forearm.

The Kraken is one of the most expensive skins for this shotgun. Its price depends on the exterior:


  • from $7 for Factory New;
  • from $5 for Minimal Wear;
  • from $4 for Field-Tested.


Now about paint wear. When used for a long time, the skin’s paint is completely erased from the surface of the trigger guard and the magazine cap, and there are slight abrasions on the picture and its background.

Sawed Off | Wasteland Princess

Wasteland Princess has an above-average price tag. Factory New exterior prices start at $6. On this skin, various images and imprints of female lips, various inscriptions, and other nonsense has been applied, which is a bit like the image of Harley Quinn from the DC universe. Also, on the surface of the barrel, we can see serifs, as if someone has marked the number of killed opponents.

Now a little about paint wear. On the exterior of the Well-Worn skin we can see some minor abrasions on the receiver and some other parts, but they are so minor that you are unlikely to notice them right away.

Sawed Off | Limelight

Limelight does not have the highest price among skins, so it can be classified as a budget option, since in a Factory New exterior the skin can be purchased from $2. On this skin, gray paint has been applied to the surface of the Sawed-Off as a background. Smooth lines of lime and white are hand-painted on the surface of the background. There are no unpainted parts on the shotgun at all.

If we talk about the loss of quality of the picture, then in Well-Worn the paint is completely missing on the surface of the trigger, magazine cap, trigger guard, and safety button. The remaining parts of the shotgun also have minor abrasions and scratches, but they do not spoil the appearance of the weapon at all.

As you can see, shotgun skins have very expressive and memorable skins. That is why their popularity remains high. Therefore, with the release of CS2, the hype for skins will not decrease, which will certainly raise prices for popular skins by an average of 25–30%.

Experienced users understand that this is a chance to make a profit selling skins. The most important thing is to understand what skins to buy and when, because there will be no fewer users, but there are a limited number of skins in the game.