Stan Lee's Superhumans: 10 Real People with Supernatural Powers

Who didn’t wish they were superheroes when they were little (or even still)? These incredible individuals give us all hope that it is possible. With their real super human abilities they have people believing that anything is possible.

Stan Lee, the originator and creator of some of the most iconic superheros of our time has created a series entitled ‘Stan Lee’s Superhumans’, in which he finds and tests individuals said to possess superhuman powers.

Here’s who he found.

Stephen Wiltshire – Photographic Memory. Stephen has to skill to view something once for a few short minutes and recall everything in detail and accuracy. He proves this by his intricate drawings of people and even once, a giant replica of New York City from a short helicopter ride. Every building in the drawing was to scale and in the correct distance from the buildings and objects around it – incredible!

Daniel Browning Smith – ‘Rubber boy.’ Daniel has been named the most flexible man alive in the Guiness Book of World Records 3 times. He’s so flexible that he is able to dislocate his arms, bend his legs around his head and rotate his torso up to 180 degrees!

Rathakrishnan Velu – ‘Steel Teeth.’ Velu, from Malaysia has the ability to pull over 200 tonnes with his teeth! He reports that his ability came from an Indian guru who taught him to channel all his energy to his teeth when was 14 years old.

Hai Ngoc – ‘The Sleepless Man.’ Hai hasn’t slept since 1973. Incredibly, Hai still functions at a normal capacity and his lack of sleep has no effect of his daily activities whatsoever.

Isao Machii – ‘Super Ninja.’ Isao, originally from Japan, has superhuman reflexes. He can process his surroundings in a different way to the average man. He uses his sword to slice through the center of pellets shot directly at him with speeds up to 550 ft/s.

Wim Hof  – ‘Ice Man’ Cold simply cannot affect Wim. He even climbed Mount Everest in nothing but a pair of hot pants with temperatures between minus 35 degrees Celsius and minus 60 degrees Celsius. In these temperatures, any other human would have been killed within minutes without the proper attire.  Wim told the press it was very easy for him!

Dean Karnazes – ‘Running Man.’ Dean’s like the energizer bunny. He is a long distance runner that has completed great feats. He has run on a treadmill for 80 hours straight (350 miles) and ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days. With proper hydration and food, it is estimated that he could run at around 7-10 MPH until he died of old age. Dean’s muscles are less affected by extreme exercise than most people and have become used to the constant motion. A study on Dean found that he had more blood in his circulatory system than the average person, which provides proper hydration for longer periods of time.

The ‘Garth’ Monks from Tibet – ‘Body Temperature Control.’  These monks prove that with practice and guidance, anyone can possess this power. A number of these monks have the ability to change their body temperature using by their mind power! Study’s show that they can change their temperature by 8 degrees Celsius.

Tim Cridland – ‘Numb to Pain.’ Tim literally feels no pain. He has proved this by pushing large needles and skewers through his cheeks and various body parts without even a flinch!

David Tammet – ‘Human Calculator.’ David possess a special brain power that allows him to solve incredibly complex math problems in his head. His brain can work out problems that even calculators cannot.