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The 13 Most Cringe-Worthy Social F*ck Ups

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We all hear those stories that make us say, “Oh, Thank God that wasn’t me???. Well, here they are!

Our readers told us some of the most embarrassing, cringe-worthy shit that’s ever happened to them. Read on to feel #thankful this wasn’t you!


“I screenshot my conversation with an ex to send my friend…I sent it to the ex.”

-Jenny, 19

Full frontal gone viral…

“A girl was more than happy to let me know that she had seen my boobs on a computer she got from a guy I once sexted. Best part was that she felt the need to post the picture and tag multiple people in it!”

-Tanya, 23

Awkward AF!

“We thought we were having sex in the woods… only to find out it was someone’s very large backyard and their kids caught us, yikes!”

-Pam, 26

You know it’s a good night when…

“On my birthday, I had a few too many drinks and blacked out for the first time. I fell out of a car and lost one of my parent’s yard lights… Still haven’t found it.”

-Rene, 21

You: 0, Mom: 1

“I accidentally texted my mom and asked her to send me a dirty pic. She sent me a picture of my room.”

-Maddy, 20

…Can’t make this shit up!

“Yes, I dated a guy in prison. He asked me to send nudes, so I did. Heard he got into some negative stuff with a gang and sold them to get out of getting his ass beat. Let’s just hope I never get famous because I have no idea where those are!”

-April, 26

Well, at least there was ‘no sharing’!

“Got a little heavy on the drinks at a party once. After about 10 rounds, our group ended up getting pretty physical with our partners, and we all ended up “doing it” in the same room. (No sharing partners though!)”

-Jess, 22

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR

“I had too many margaritas and tequila shots at the local Mexican restaurant.  Ended up blacking out and supposedly throwing up all in their bathroom. I also fell and hit my head on their sink counter. Almost had to go to the hospital.”

-Becca, 23

DO NOT drink and snapchat!


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