The 50 Best Types of Kisses

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Why are we as humans so instinctively inclined to touch our lips to another person’s? Why is it so special? It’s because there are so many different ways to kiss and they all have a different meaning. From art, to literature, to life, a kiss is so much more than just a kiss. Here is a list of some of the best….

  1. First kisses

  2. French kisses

  3. Butterfly kisses

  4. Goodbye kisses

  5. “Welcome home” kisses

  6. “Kiss the bride” kisses

  7. Deathbed kisses

  8. Bisou kisses: The French-air-kissing at each cheek…not to be confused with…

  9. Le Baiser: The French word that literally means “kiss,” but now is entirely vulgar.

  10. Bedtime kisses

  11. Boo-boo kisses

  12. Judas kisses: When you kiss someone even though you don’t really like them

  13. “End of the movie” kisses

  14. “Won her back” kisses

  15. “Will never see him again” kisses

  16. Forehead kisses

  17. Daddy kisses

  18. “First day of school” kisses

  19. Dance floor kisses

  20. Revenge kisses

  21. Jealousy kisses

  22. Best friend kisses

  23. Grandma kisses

  24. “Kissing her hand” kisses

  25. “Kissing with both hands on her face” kisses

  26. Farewell kisses

  27. Blowing kisses

  28. Baby kisses

  29. “I missed you” kisses

  30. “I’m sorry” kisses

  31. “Give the bride away” kisses

  32. “Dancing with your son” kisses

  33. “Love letter” kisses

  34. “Mafia death” kisses: The one you get just before getting whacked

  35. “Feel better” kisses

  36. “Broken hearted” kisses

  37. “I’m proud of you” kisses

  38. “I love you” kisses

  39. “Just married” kisses

  40. “Just engaged” kisses

  41. Movie theater kisses

  42. Stolen kisses

  43. Surprise kisses

  44. Lingering kisses

  45. Braces kisses

  46. Puppy dog kisses

  47. Candy kisses

  48. Victory kisses

  49. Trophy kisses: Yeah, they were hot, and I got to kiss them

  50. Practice kisses

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