Video Game Memories From My Childhood To Now

Games Online and Offline

I still have memories of video games that I played at my local store. They only had one. Donkey Kong. I would grab my soda and candy and throw some quarters in before heading back home on my bike with the DND candy rations.

My role in roleplaying DND

You see, I was the one in charge of gathering all the snacks for the house so my brothers and their friends could play their DND (Dungeons and Dragons) games. Yes, I was the baby sister in the family of all boys. So I was in charge of “Candy” gathering. And the store I went to had this Donkey Kong game. And it was so fun to play. Although I never made it past the first few levels. And eventually it was replaced with Frogger. Another fun game. I tried playing that one recently and it really stressed me out!

Teenage Gamers

Later in life, I remember getting hooked on Super Mario Brothers. That game, I easily spent hours playing at the miniature golf place near our house. I still remember those late nights with friends when I was in high school.

Eventually, technology brought us the at home game consoles like Atari 2600 and more… Anyone else remember Pitfall?

Video Games Today

As an adult, I am not much of a gamer. Sure, I will hit a retro arcade for fun now and again. And now, you can find most of the retro games you loved as a child online, but I rarely play them. If I see a pinball machine at a bar, I may go for it. And I do like sports betting now and since I work online I see a lot of great deals to play, like this offer

Video Game Memories

I have many fond memories of video games. Not so much the games themselves, but the time spent with friends and family. Video games were a way of bringing us all together.

Today, online games connect people from around the world. And bring back those arcade memories of childhood.