Which Country Is the Most Convenient for Gambling Online?

Have you ever jumped on an online casino gambling site because of its juicy bonuses with the no deposit bonus codes 2022 and other similar welcome bonuses only to be denied access to the casino? It is a common problem for many people around the world.

The problem is restriction. Many online casinos have restrictions placed on gamblers residing in certain countries. As such, these punters may encounter difficulties when they try to:

  • launch the casino site

  • register or sign up

  • play casino games in demo mode

But while iGaming in some countries may be extremely difficult, it is not the same in other parts of the world. In some other countries, punters are having a field day. This post highlights some countries whose citizens are active gamblers and pinpoints where online gambling is the most convenient.

Pros and Cons of Country Restrictions

There is an argument for both sides of the divide, with one school of thought supporting country restriction and another against it. For starters, online casinos restrict residents of certain countries from accessing their sites primarily to protect the majority of their customers.

On the other hand, country restrictions can significantly limit the number of potential customers an online casino can attract, considering how fiercely competitive the industry is. But it must be noted that country restriction is also political and not just a business decision by the casino sites.

Governments play a crucial role in licensing and regulating the operations of online casinos. They also provide policy statements that every industry has to abide by, including the online casino industry. Get to know more also about dice games to play online and win real money.

That being said, here are some of the pros and cons of country restrictions on online casinos:


  • Reduced rate of cyber threats and crime

  • More effective KYC process

  • Better monitoring of gambling activities

  • Better control of online casinos

  • Easier and quicker functioning of payment methods

  • Improved industry reputation

  • Improved customer relationship

  • Stronger industry position and targeted market share

  • Local tax-exempt opportunities

  • Steady margins


  • Limited global online casino market

  • Limited local market share

  • Competing in a highly competitive environment for a limited number of customers

Customers of these online casinos are also faced with restrictions of their own. For example, some popular software and casino games thriving on other sites may not be available to residents of countries with strict online casinos and country restrictions.

Some of the countries that punters find to be the most convenient for gambling online include (in no particular order).


Canada’s citizens and residents can visit foreign online casinos because Canada does not issue any online casino gambling licenses. It means that Canadians can search for popular casinos online, browse through their sites, try out free casino games, and sign up to the online casino sites without any problems.

Canadians can use e-payment portals like PayPal in depositing funds or withdrawing payouts from their gaming accounts. Most online casinos offer PayPal as one of their payment options.

Many casinos accept Canadian players who can also make payments and receive payouts in Canadian dollars (CAD). Canadians have access to various casino games to both entertain and enrich themselves. The danger for residents in Canada is that individuals could fall prey to fraudulent casinos if they do not exercise due diligence before they sign up with foreign casinos. Learn also why Donald Trump’s companies went bankrupt.

United Kingdom

Residents in the United Kingdom have the protection of the UK government as the Gambling Commission is a reputable and active licensing body. All online casinos wishing to operate in Britain or include British citizens in their customer pool must be licensed by the GC.

The licensing procedure is strict, and those casinos that have been certified by GC are usually the most reliable and trustworthy sites around. Online gambling in the UK is fully legal, and players are bombarded daily by online casinos offering new casino games and exciting bonuses to attract new customers. It gives the average British player better gaming options to choose from.

EU Countries

Most EU countries allow gambling online, however, the regulations differ from country to country. Here we overview the most convenient countries for gambling online in the EU.


Sweden is regarded as one of the most liberal countries for gambling online, and it is also home to many top online casino developers. The Swedish government regulates the thriving online casino gambling industry in Sweden.

The Swedish government has enacted new laws to prevent gambling addiction and protect citizens from spending too much money playing online casino games.

In 2020, the government passed a law preventing Swedish gamblers from claiming welcome bonuses exceeding €10.

In addition to this, Swedish punters can only deposit the maximum sum of €500 a week at an online casino. Gambling is a huge part of Swedish culture, but these government restrictions greatly hamper the fun factor of iGaming in Sweden.


The presence of the Malta Gaming Authority regulates and licenses only casinos over the world, making Malta the hub of online gaming activity. Many casinos in Canada, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Japan etc., have Maltese licenses.

Since Malta was the first country in the European Union to have established regulatory norms, the online casino industry in Malta is quite booming.


Online casino gambling in Finland is legal but heavily restricted. The restrictions limit the number of online casinos exposed to their citizens.

The government restrictions also prevent citizens from enjoying many casinos and live casino games. The only casinos available to citizens are those licensed by the government, which means limited bonuses, promos, payments, and gaming options.


Online casino gambling in Germany is illegal and mainly frowned upon. It means that German punters have to explore foreign casinos online so that they can register.

The illegality of online casinos in Germany has limited the number of casinos that Germans can access online, making it harder for them to enjoy gambling fully.

In Conclusion

Citizens of Sweden are greatly restricted from enjoying bonuses and making deposits, while Canadians are exposed to scams due to a lack of online casino licensing by the government of Canada.

Gambling in Germany is illegal, with Germans not being able to access many online casinos. Finland has stringent licensing laws that limit its citizens to only those online casinos with a Finnish license.

From all the countries mentioned above, convenient gambling online is at its utmost best in the United Kingdom. The British are free to play casino games on both local and foreign online casinos. Also, there are no major restrictions on their bankroll or ability to claim casino bonuses.