Why Miranda Hobbes Was Simply The Worst Character In Sex and the City

Whenever my friends and I compare ourselves to the characters in Sex and the City, we always stray away from dubbing anybody the “Miranda” of the group, because we find that to be a massive insult.

It is not Cynthia Nixon (the actress who plays Miranda) that we don’t like, it is simply the character that she plays and the stuff she says and does.

  1. Her attitude about men was far too cynical. I get it – Charlotte was the eternal optimist, Samantha didn’t give a crap and Carrie was equally balanced between hope and cynicism, but Miranda never gave anybody the benefit of the doubt.

  2. She is so mean to Magda, who is nothing but nice to her.

  3. She is so mean to Steve, who is nothing but nice to her.

  4. She is so mean to a lot of people, who are nothing but nice to her.

  5. Her sons name is Brady, and she marries Steve, whose last name is Brady… so his name is Brady Brady? That’s not okay.

  6. Her style is best described as potato sack meets overalls: not the best for somebody who is friends with a fashionista like Bradshaw.

  7. She always had to be right – and that is easily the most annoying trait anybody can ever have.

  8. When she gets adult braces in one episode and acts like a 13 year old. Grow up, Miranda, and invest in something called Invisalign. You’re a lawyer, you can afford them.

  9. She had her good moments, sure, but they were always outweighed by her weird/annoying/rude moments.

  10. She wanted to have sex with a guy dressed like a sandwich… a sandwich, people.

  11. She poured dish soap on a perfectly good piece of cake… seriously, who does that? 

  12. She was always super self-conscious, which is just a total turn off: JUST OWN YOUR RED-HEADED, LAWYER-SMART, PANT-SUIT WEARING SELF, DAMMIT!