3 Tips for Hosting a Big Family Gathering

If you’ve been tasked with hosting the next big family gathering, it can be easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. A family gathering should be a fun-filled experience where you’ll have the chance to spend quality time with your loved ones, but it can also prove to be a logistically challenging and exhausting event to organize.

With the proper planning and preparation, you can ensure your family gathering is a success and that you and your family can make memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve put together a guide with three top tips for hosting a big family gathering. Check it out below.

Prepare Your Dining Room Ready

The meal is the most important part of the family gathering. Eating together with your loved ones can help strengthen your bonds and relationships. However, it’s vital that your dining room is properly equipped and ready to accommodate a large number of people. You’ll need to make sure your dining table is big enough, you don’t want people to have to squeeze in as this can ruin their dining experience. You’ll also need enough chairs, the last thing you want is to realize at the last minute that you’ve run out of places to sit.

Sometimes, your best option is to get some new dining room furniture. This way you’ll be certain that your dining room is ready to handle your extended family. Take a look at some dining room sets and choose one that fits your space and meets your needs and requirements.

Get Enough Food and Drink

If you’re used to cooking for just yourself or for a few family members, it can be difficult to appreciate just how much food and drink you’ll need for a big family gathering. You’ll need to get well stocked up on drinks and snacks, get plenty of crisps, nuts, and soft drinks. Thankfully, buying in bulk can often be cheaper, so it might not be as expensive as you would imagine.

If you’re cooking the family dinner, make sure you’re calculating your portion sizes correctly. Get this wrong and you could have one or more family members going hungry, which won’t reflect well on you as a host.

Keep the Kids Entertained

Family gatherings are cross-generational affairs. You’ll have parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, distant cousins, and children all present. While the adults will be happy to spend time around the dinner table chatting and socializing, the children could quickly become bored and restless, which can cause them to misbehave. As the host, you should provide means through which the kids can keep themselves entertained to prevent them from acting out and disrupting the day.

Video games and board games can be a fantastic way of keeping kids distracted. Keep a selection of these on hand for the kids to enjoy after they have had their meal. However, don’t be tempted to leave the kids to their own devices for the rest of the evening. Check up on them regularly to ensure they are behaving.


Don’t feel stressed at the thought of hosting the next big family gathering. Use this guide to prepare and give your loved ones a day to remember.