5 Best Health Tips for a New Mother

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Being a new mother is one of the most overwhelming experiences in any woman’s life. The whole world seems so beautiful and joyous. And your life feels so complete.

But this same period is also the toughest and most challenging time in women’s life. Because it is not just about yourself now, you have a baby to take care of too. And, as a famous parenting expert Tammy Gold says “A happy, healthy mom makes for a happy, healthy kid”.

A new mother has to go through a lot. The challenges during pregnancy, the labor, and even after the birth of the child, all these factors affect the mother’s health and energy if not taken care of properly.

People will start throwing advice at you. Some of those might be good to follow, but listening to everyone would do nothing but confuse you. Here are some simple ways to maintain health and sanity with a newborn. 


Simple yet Effective Tips for A New Mother to Follow-

There is actually a lot that a new mother should take care of in order to stay fit and healthy. But, with a newborn baby to take care of, it isn’ practical to follow all the tips.

However, her are some of the most basic tips that can positively improve a new mom’s health.  


1. Get Good Sleep 

Sleep is one of the most essential factors for anyone who has to recover from physical or emotional trauma.  From carrying the baby in the womb during pregnancy, to giving birth and tolerating the labor pain, as well as after the birth of the child, a mother can find herself exhausted.

Sleep is essential. So, after the birth of the child, it’s really important for the mother to get adequate sleep.

While not practical, it may seem tough because your baby needs you all the time. So, consider a good babysitting service. You can search for the best babysitting services near you or search it on Google. Remember to check the reviews. Google reviews are a reliable source for that. Look for the google review badge.

Perhaps you have some family members or some friends who are looking forward to spending time with your little one? Always accept a welcome family sitter so that you can get some much needed sleep. 

2. No Strict Diet 

A healthy diet is good for you with or without a newborn. But many people tend to follow a diet to get a particular body aesthetic. This is not the time fo you to put too many restrictions on your calorie intake.

As a new mother, you will burn a lot of calories every day. By doing the most essential tasks, such as breast-feeding your child, changing the baby’s clothes, keeping eye on him/her all the time, a new mother will require and burn a large intake of calories. 

So, in order to perform all those tasks  a new mother requires a lot of nutrient rich foods. So, the advice is not to follow a strict diet at this period. Don’t avoid high-calorie foods. 

Stock up healthy foods with high-calorie value and rich nutrients. Have a lot of fruits and vegetables. Limit the intake of junk foods. Whole-grain foods are a must.


List of foods that you should add to your lists are 

• Whole Grains
• Fish
• Meat
• Nuts and Beans
• Low-fat dairy products
• Rich nutrients fruits and vegetables.
• Healthy snacks

3. Exercise is Essential 

With a newborn baby, exercising may seem like the last thing a new mother wants to do. Getting your body to move will help you feel like your old self and will physically and emotionally drive your energy and spirits up. It is the basis of self-care.

Scientifically, a mother’s body goes through a lot of stress and transformations during pregnancy and even after childbirth. The mother’s back and lower body portions are the most affected areas. So, in order to gain back the lost fitness and natural alignment, exercise is a must. Exercises stretch your body muscles, shape up your body, releases essential hormones, and do a lot of goods to your body.

You can do yoga, or join some good gym near you or hire some personal trainers. The Internet has given us a broad platform where we can find almost anything we search for. You can learn some exercises by yourself from social channels as well and follow them.

You can even follow parenting experts, doctors, nutritionists, etc. 


4. Stay Hydrated 

Our bodies are comprised mainly of water. And staying hydrated will improve your overall health. Especially so, as a new mother. 

Breastfeeding mothers will notice that they are often thirstier than others. That is because a breastfeeding mother requires a lot of fluid in order to produce milk. So drink plenty of water. Try adding other hydrating fruits juices and teas, that are low in sugar. Make sure that you are properly hydrated daily. Try starting your morning with a tall glass of water. Hydrating is one of the easiest ways to improve skin, aid in digestion and boost energy and metabolism. 


5. Be Realistic 

Motherhood is not only a physical challenge to go through, but it is also a mental struggle as well. You have to keep yourself happy in order to make your child happy. Stresses will be there, but they should not keep you from taking on each day with a positive outlook. 

It may sound impossible but you need to take time for yourself. Even if it is for twenty minutes when you have help. A shower without being disturbed, Take a walk, get outside, talk to friend, exercise, read, whatever works for you. Find your time, however long you can, for you. And don’t worry if the house is a bit messy during this time. Life can’t always be in order. So don’t push yourself to make it perfect. Remember, that you are rearing a life and that is the most important thing right now. The health of you and your baby. 



While raising a newborn is definitely the most ecstatic feeling in the world taking care of him/her is a full time job. And finding time for self care for you is essential. Because if you are healthy and happy, then you can keep your child healthy and happy. The above-mentioned points are the most simple and basic ones that every mother can follow. We hope these steps help you well. God bless you all! Happy motherhood!

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